yrkkh written update 1st April 2023 Written Update Akshara accuses Abhinav

yrkkh written update 1st April 2023 Akshara accuses Abhinav Abhinav tries to convince Akshara to contact Abhimanyu. She says that she has to keep their lives different, Abhimanyu is getting married, she can’t go back to Udaipur, everything will shatter and she doesn’t want to involve Abhimanyu. She tells that Abhir just needs his parents. She doesn’t want Abhimanyu to know that Abhir is his son. Abhinav says that Abhimanyu can make Abhir recover soon. Akshara tells that just Abhinav and she have rights to Abhir. She feels their relationship will shatter if they involve Abhimanyu. Abhir messages Abhimanyu from Neela’s phone that he is okay and he doesn’t need to worry now. Abhimanyu asks who is he. Abhir teases Abhimanyu and doesn’t reveal his name.

He sends funny messages. Aarohi reads the messages and laughs at Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tells that he will call and ask who is he/she. Abhir takes the call, but the phone gets off. Aarohi tells that it’s Abhimanyu’s secret admirer. Abhir keeps the phone. Akshara and Abhinav thank the doctor for convincing a surgeon Dr. Vyas for Abhir’s surgery. The doctor asks them to clarify the doubts if they have any and make the payment before the surgery. Abhinav says that he will make the payment. Later, both Abhinav and Akshara are shocked to see the amount of 20 lakhs to be paid by morning. They sadly come home and see Abhir

They cry helplessly that they don’t have much money. They try to check the funds in their house. They don’t have sufficient funds. They cry that they aren’t able to save their son. She calls Manish to take his help. Abhinav stops her. He doesn’t want her to ask someone for money. She tells that she can beg anyone to save her son’s life. He tells that he will get the money by morning. They both try to get advance from their clients. Abhir asks them why are they awake till now. Abhinav tells that they are coming with him. Abhir tells that he is hungry. Akshara worries that Abhir has to fast before the surgery

Abhinav asks Abhir to try and sleep. Akshara sings a lullaby and makes Abhir sleep. Abhir is surprised to hear her melodious voice and says she sings well. She makes him sleep. Abhinav promises her that he will get the money and come to the hospital. The next day, Akshara prepares Abhir for the surgery and tells him that he should tolerate some pain because it’s really necessary. Abhir tells that he is scared of the pain. She asks her to trust her. He tells that he is ready if his parents are with him.

Akshara calls Abhinav and wants to know if he could arrange money or not. She calls him. The doctor refuses for the surgery when Abhinav doesn’t get the money on time. He apologizes that he can’t waste more time. Akshara pleads a lot but fails. Abhir messages Abhimanyu and gives a hint that it’s him. Akshara asks the doctor to wait for five minutes. She sees Abhinav coming. She rushes to him to ask if he could keep his promise or not. She yells at him for putting Abhir’s life at risk. She tells that his stubbornness will kill Abhir. Abhinav is stunned. Keep reading

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