YRKKH 3rd June 2023 Written Update Akshara’s past. Akshara runs late due to the landslide. She reaches the exam center. She is denied entry even when she tells the genuine reason. The man asks her not to make noise and leave. She finds her dreams shattering. She loses her heart and leaves the exam hall. Abhimanyu follows Akshara and reaches there. He finds her losing hope. She feels she has failed before attempting. She tells that she has failed in becoming a lawyer, Abhinav has dreamt of her success and he will be more hurt than her. She regrets that she couldn’t do anything for her family. Abhimanyu feels sorry for her. Abhinav and Abhir reach the college to surprise Akshara. She hides from them and doesn’t want them to worry. Abhimanyu helps Akshara

YRKKH 3rd June 2023 Written Update Akshara’s past – TallyUpdates

The man asks Akshara to come fast and give the exam. She is surprised. She runs to write her paper. Abhir tells Abhinav that he is worried for Akshara. He loves Abhinav a lot and wishes to know about his real dad. Akshara comes out of the examination hall after writing the exam. She finds Abhimanyu with the examiner. She learns that he has helped her. Abhimanyu thanks the man. He tells Abhinav that he came to drop Akshara. Abhinav thanks him. Abhimanyu tells that he was feeling guilty when she missed the exam. On the other hand, Kairav attempts to meet Muskaan. Muskaan’s friend lies to him and sends him away. Muskaan feels upset

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Akshara is worried that Abhir knows the truth. Abhinav asks Akshara if she is worried about the exam. He tells that he will handle everything. She doesn’t want to tell the truth to Abhinav. She knows he will be hurt and broken. She doesn’t understand if she can handle the complications. Muskaan tells her friend that Kairav doesn’t love her and that he is coming just because of his guilt. Abhimanyu surprises Akshara, Abhinav, and Abhir. She stops Abhir from going with Abhimanyu. She tells that she wants to talk to him. Abhinav arranges the clothes. He finds Abhir’s letter. He thinks of reading it but suddenly loses the letter.

Abhimanyu gets busy on a work call. Akshara asks Abhir if he wants to tell something. He tells that he has overheard Abhinav and her conversation, and learned the truth that Abhinav isn’t his real dad. She feels guilty to accuse Abhimanyu. Abhir asks Akshara not to get sad. She asks him if he doesn’t like Abhinav. He tells that he is the world’s best dad. He wants to find his real dad. He questions her about the reason that his real dad left him. It reminds her of the painful past and she weeps. She tells that she will tell him the truth when he grows up. He agrees with her and trusts her. She thanks him. She hugs her son and cries. Abhinav gets the letter. Abhimanyu snatches it and tells that it’s his important paper. He covers up the truth. He doesn’t want Abhinav to get hurt.

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