YRKKH 19th June 2023 Written Update Muskaan accused. Dev sends Muskaan and his video to one and all. Muskaan grows tense to find everyone looking at her with suspicion and questions. Surekha shows her the video and confronts her for cheating on Kairav. She asks Muskaan if she is going to meet Kairav. She rebukes Muskaan if she is backstabbing innocent Kairav. Muskaan tells that she didn’t do anything wrong. Surekha asks her if she isn’t ashamed to lie. Muskaan tells that she isn’t lying. Surekha calls off the marriage. Akshara tells that Muskaan is framed by a shameless guy, and the family should support Muskaan and bring her out of this mess.

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Suhasini tells that Muskaan is soon going to become Kairav’s wife. She reminds Muskaan of her promise that she will never stain their family’s respect. She feels Muskaan broke the promise. Akshara defends Muskaan. She tells that everyone has a past and nothing is wrong with it. Suhasini asks Muskaan why didn’t they tell them about her past. She just wanted to have clarity. Manish asks Muskaan to share the matter with her family. Abhinav guarantees that Muskaan has no relationship with Dev. Surekha blames Muskaan for two-timing.

Abhinav asks her not to insult Muskaan. They find Kairav gone. They look for him and also find Abhimanyu missing. Manish tells Suwarna that he will not forgive Kairav if he has gone without listening to Muskaan once. Akshara tells that Kairav might have got triggered hearing Anisha’s name. Abhinav tells that Kairav can’t go leaving Muskaan alone when she needs him. He feels Kairav isn’t right for Muskaan, because his love and anger are out of bounds. He also gets angry due to Kairav’s absence. Akshara and Aarohi try to calm down Abhinav, while Goenkas get to hear more against Kairav

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Akshara tells that it’s not fair, he can’t decide without hearing it from Kairav. He tells that Kairav has run away without facing a little issue. Aarohi asks them to stop it and handle Muskaan, who needs them. Muskaan feels guilty that Kairav left her. Abhimanyu tells that Kairav didn’t leave Muskaan. Abhimanyu and Kairav bring Dev home. Abhimanyu defends Kairav, who had gone to prove Muskaan’s innocence. Kairav asks Dev to tell the truth to the family. Dev admits that he did everything to trap Muskaan and blackmail her for money. He tells that Muskaan broke up with him after a one-month relationship. He couldn’t tolerate this and started to blackmail her with his birthday video clip.

Manish threatens of getting Dev arrested. Akshara consoles Muskaan. She tells that everything got fine. Manish tells that things aren’t okay. He demands Surekha apologize to Muskaan. Muskaan tells that she should say sorry to them. She cries that she had no courage to ask for anyone’s help. She apologizes to them. Akshara tells that she shouldn’t say sorry. She tells the family that Dev should be punished, and they shouldn’t have accused Muskaan of someone else’s mistake. She feels sorry. She asks Muskaan to come to her family when anyone troubles her next time. She wants Muskaan to trust them. Muskaan and Neela thank her. Abhinav apologizes to Kairav and clears his mind. He tells that he was worried seeing Muskaan crying. Kairav hugs him and asks him not to clarify

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He is also possessive about his sisters. Abhinav asks him how he catches Dev so quickly. Kairav gives credit to Abhimanyu. Muskaan hugs Abhimanyu. Abhinav tells that they will sit and have a talk. Kairav tries to send them outside so that he gets some time with Muskaan. He asks Muskaan for a hug. Muskaan hugs him. They have a moment. Kairav asks her to share her problems with him. She promises him. Abhinav assists Akshara in her work. He apologizes to her for speaking badly about Kairav in an impulsive mode. She understands his emotions. She hugs him. She tells that they will never fight because of Kairav and Muskaan’s relationship. He promises her. Later, Abhinav learns that Abhir got to know he isn’t his real father. He is shattered by this truth


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