YRKKH 17th June 2023 Written Update Insecure Abhinav. Abhinav grows insecure seeing Akshara and Abhimanyu together. Neela Amma asks him if is everything okay. She feels scared of his silence. He tells that he doesn’t feel okay. He shares his insecurities with Neela. He tells that fate is trying to explain to him that Akshara is happy with Abhimanyu, but he isn’t willing to understand by the fear of losing her. He calls it fate. He tells that the world he is thinking of as his own is not of him but of someone else. He wants to hand over his world to the one it belongs to. He feels guilty. Akshara asks what is he saying. Neela asks her to explain to Abhinav. She gets mistaken that he is stressed about Muskaan’s marriage. Akshara asks him not to get tense all the time. Abhinav hugs her.

She tells that everyone is happy and things will be okay. Muskaan meets Dev and gives him the money. Dev gets angry about getting a lesser amount. She tells that she will get the money. He asks her to get it asap, or else he will break her marriage. She asks him to give her some time. He gives her a day time. Abhimanyu finds Muskaan with the guy and wonders who is he. Abhimanyu meets her and asks her to share the problem she is facing. He promises to do a brother’s duty and end her tension. She lies to him. He wants to find out about Muskaan’s problem. He suspects she is hiding something

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Manjiri sees Aarohi. She gets stressed and recalls Shefali’s words. Aarohi finds Abhinav lost. She wonders where his smile vanishes. She talks to Akshara. She advises her to focus on Abhinav. Akshara tells that Abhinav is hurt and dealing with Abhimanyu. Aarohi tells that Akshara and Abhir are Abhinav’s strengths and weaknesses, Abhinav has made a world with them and he can’t handle it if his world breaks. She asks Akshara to think about it. Akshara knows Abhinav loves her a lot. She praises Abhinav for being so big-hearted. She is afraid that Abhinav gives his happiness to someone else. She shares her fears with Aarohi.

She is also scared that Abhir will learn the truth about his real father. Aarohi asks her to think Abhir is lucky. She tells that Abhir has two fathers to love him, and Ruhi has none with her. She calls him lucky. She tells that Abhir’s father are involved in Kairav’s wedding arrangements. Abhir and Ruhi get to hear this. Abhinav asks Akshara to help him remove a kurta. It gets torn. He tells that he has got fat. Akshara pulls his cheeks and calls him cute. She laughs at his cute tension. She tells that she will fix the kurta. She suggests that he will wear another kurta. She gives it to him. He tells that he didn’t remember it. She shows the matching saree and tells that she will wear it.

He asks why would she wear an old saree. She tells that couples twin their clothes, and they will also twin their haldi functions costumes. She asks him to compliment her like she is praising him. He tells that he can’t praise her beauty by expressing it in words. She hugs him. He stops himself from holding Akshara in his arms when he grows up thinking of Akshara’s bonding with Abhimanyu. That brings tears to his eyes. Later, Akshara and Neela get emotional while speaking to Muskaan on the haldi eve. Dev continues to threaten Muskaan. Akshara finds Muskaan upset. Abhir begins to find out his real dad and comes across Abhimanyu. He gets suspicious that Abhimanyu is his dad


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