YRKKH 16th June 2023 Written Update Abhira union. Akshara confesses love to Abhinav, but comes across Abhimanyu. She tells that the love confession wasn’t for him. He replies that he knows it was for Abhinav. He finds her drunk. They get into a funny conversation. He asks her where is she coming from. She tells that Kairav, Aarohi, and she went out and had many mocktails. He asks her to sit, while he gets lemonade for her. She holds his hand to stop him. Manjiri hopes Akshara and Abhimanyu reunite and make a happy family with Abhir. She gets to see them shaking hands. She learns Akshara is drunk and Abhimanyu is taking care of her. Later, Akshara and Abhinav welcome the guests.

Muskaan’s Mama Ji meets Kairav for the first time and comments on his long nose. Neela tells that Kairav is a gem. Everyone dresses in Kasauli style. Muskaan is worried, because of her ex’s blackmail messages. Surekha creates a scene when the fan stops working. Abhinav tells that he will fix it. Manish doesn’t like it and tells that they will go and buy a fan. Abhimanyu and Kairav are also ready to rush and buy a fan. Akshara stops them and asks them to save their money. She tells that Abhinav will fix the fan.

She asks them not to worry. She opens the windows and puts a wet cloth to cut off the heat. Manjiri feels sorry to see Akshara’s struggles. Akshara and Abhir help Abhinav in fixing a fan. They fix the fan and get applauded. Abhir is proud of his dad. Dev demands 50000rs and blackmails Muskaan. Kairav overhears a part of her conversation and offers help in arranging the money. He doesn’t want her to have any financial stress. She doesn’t accept his help. The families perform shagun rituals

Magical moment in Anupama stuns the fans

Suhasini hands over the jewelry to Muskaan. Mama ji blesses Muskaan and Kairav. Abhir falls, but Akshara and Abhimanyu hold him in time. Mama Ji unknowingly blesses them to be together. Manjiri’s hopes get higher. Abhir wants to find his real dad. Manjiri speaks to Shefali about Abhimanyu’s future. She tells that fate has given him a chance again. Shefali tells that Akshara has moved on with Abhinav, they are married, and Abhimanyu is engaged to Aarohi. She advises Manjiri not to ruin four lives. Manjiri falls into a big dilemma. Abhir looks for his real dad and takes Ruhi’s help. He suspects that Abhimanyu is his dad.


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