YRKKH 14th June 2023 Written Update Manjiri big dream. Manjiri takes care of Akshara and offers help to her. Akshara is surprised to see Manjiri treating her with love. Manjiri tells Akshara that she has told about Abhir by mistake. Akshara understands her. They bond well like the old times. Abhimanyu is surprised to see them. Their laughing faces bring a smile to his face. They see him and get awkward. He asks them not to feel awkward seeing him. They have a happy family moment. Manjiri wishes they had stayed together with Abhir like a happy family. They share a laugh. Abhinav finds them in a happy family moment and feels alienated. Abhimanyu prays for his mother and ex-wife’s happiness.

Abhir comes and sees Akshara’s burn wound. Abhimanyu and Abhir care for Akshara. Manjiri remembers Abhimanyu’s extra-careful behavior of always protecting Akshara. She wishes they can get back together when Akshara has no relationship with Abhinav. Later, Manjiri cries seeing her son’s happiness. Kairav and Muskaan get engaged. She gets Dev’s call and also a video from him. She gets scared that her engagement will break if everyone knows about Dev and her relationship. Surekha finds something wrong with Muskaan. The family blesses Kairav and Muskaan. Manish encourages the couple to solve life’s problems with understanding

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Abhinav wishes good luck to Kairav. They admire each other, and a jealous Akshara gets in between to ask for attention. Kairav thanks Akshara for helping him win Muskaan’s love. Abhimanyu asks Akshara about the dance program. Abhinav also jokes that the groom’s family isn’t living up to their expectations. Manish asks Akshara and Aarohi to do something and stop their taunts. Akshara and Aarohi perform. Abhimanyu and Akshara dance with their son Abhir, giving wrong hopes to Manjiri. Manjiri limits her mind from dreaming the wrong picture. Later, Akshara is seen confessing love to Abhinav. She is shocked to see Abhimanyu in his place.


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