YRKKH 13th May 2023 Update Abhira clash Surekha criticizes Abhinav’s poor financial status. She tells that Abhinav can’t fulfill Abhir’s basic needs. She adds that Abhimanyu can fulfill Abhir’s every wish because he has a good family background. She feels Abhinav can never become capable like Abhimanyu. Muskaan overhears this and turns upset. She defends her brother. She tells that Abhinav had nothing with him, but he has learned to make relationships, love, and family. She feels his relationships are an asset to him. She gives a befitting reply to Surekha. Goenkas support Muskaan. Akshara feels sorry for Abhinav and goes to hold him.

Abhinav tells that he can earn money for his son because he is a good father and he will prove it to the world. Akshara gets glad seeing his confidence. Abhinav calculates the total expenses and gets set to fulfill the goals. Manjiri and Abhimanyu decide to make Abhir’s room in their house. He tells that they should not rush and wait for the court decision. She is sure that they will win. She wants to make the room ready for Abhir. Ruhi and Aarohi overhear this. Ruhi gets upset. Akshara informs the lawyer about her panic attacks. She asks Mathur to let her know if Birlas will use her health issues against her and claim custody of the child. Mathur tells that she is brave to reveal her issues.

He asks her not to worry, they will be well prepared to battle the Birlas. Abhinav smiles seeing her. He misses their old life in Kasauli. He tells that he used to see her studying and admire her. She tells that they can’t go to Kasauli right now, but they can bring Kasauli to Udaipur. Ruhi asks Abhimanyu why is Abhir coming to stay with them. She reminds his promise that he will become her father. She requests him not to get Abhir home. Akshara and Muskaan surprise Abhir and Abhinav by calling Neela home. Abhir and Abhinav are glad to meet Neela. Surekha isn’t happy to see Neela. Aarohi asks Ruhi to stop it. She tells that nobody wants to give answers to Ruhi. She asks Ruhi to stop crying and come with her.

Neela gets glad to see the warm welcome by Goenkas. Swarna praises Neela for giving good values to Muskaan and Abhir. Manish asks Akshara to sing and welcome Neela in her style. Akshara sings for Neela and surprises her. Kairav tells Muskaan that Neela is looking at him angrily. He gets scared. Muskaan laughs at him. Abhir tells that Akshara used to sing for Abhinav in Kasauli. Surekha tries to insult Neela, but Akshara defends Neela and Abhinav. She taunts Surekha for not fitting into the family after being with them for years. Abhinav finds peace in Neela’s lap and thanks her for coming.

Neela tells that she has come on Akshara’s call. She blesses him to progress in his life. Akshara motivates him. She gifts him the key ring with a family picture. She wishes him all the best for his new start. Abhinav drops Nishta at the Birla house. He loses the courage to collect the fare but stays there for his family’s sake. Nishta asks Abhimanyu to pay the cab driver. Abhimanyu is surprised to see Abhinav. Abhinav asks him to add a coin as shagun for his first earning. Abhimanyu wishes Abhinav doesn’t succeed in his goal to get Abhir. He states that he can’t pray for Abhinav to get Abhir. Abhinav replies that he will not give up on Abhir and will fight for him.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update 

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