YRKKH 13th June 2023 Written Update Outburst. Surekha tells Neela that they are doing much work and can decorate the shagun plate as well. She asks Muskaan to get the ring, instead of getting nervous about the engagement. Abhinav tells that he will get the ring from Neela’s house. Surekha tells that she will take Muskaan along and get the ring. Muskaan turns tense and admits that she has lost the ring. Surekha gets a chance to insult her. She asks Muskaan did she remember where she kept the ring. Muskaan apologizes to Surekha. Surekha calls her careless and rebukes her in anger. Neela requests her to not scold Muskaan. Surekha tells that Muskaan has lost an expensive ring, and she will lose everything till the marriage day come. Akshara raises an objection to Surekha’s opinion.

She tells Surekha that her guests are sincere and nobody would ever think of stealing the ring. She doesn’t want to hear a word against her in-laws. Abhinav stops Akshara. Suhasini asks Surekha to not misbehave. Surekha tells that it’s about money and also responsibility. She mocks Muskaan for failing to handle a little responsibility when her in-laws gifted her the ring with love. Abhinav and Akshara defend Muskaan. Suhasini tells that Muskaan is a diamond for them, but she should have kept the ring well. She also feels Muskaan should have kept the responsibility, hope, and love of her in-laws. She regrets Muskaan’s mistake


Surekha asks Muskaan to stop crying and come to the point. She demands the ring. Abhimanyu saves the day by finding the ring. He tells them that he found the ring at the temple. He asks her to keep expensive things safe. He ends all the problems. He handles the situation and relieves the kids, who had misplaced the ring. The kids promise to never repeat their mistakes. Akshara hands over the ring to Surekha and asks her to keep it safe. Abhinav thanks, Abhimanyu. Manjiri spends time with Abhir. She gets upset when he introduces himself as Abhinav’s son. Muskaan is disheartened. Abhimanyu and the kids cheer her up. Kairav learns the entire incident from Aarohi. He finds Muskaan upset and regrets his absence at home at that moment

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He thanks Abhimanyu for saving Muskaan and taking a stand for her. Abhimanyu tells that Muskaan is like his sister. He advises Kairav to speak to Surekha and ask her to stop creating unwanted drama. He takes the kids with him and lets Kairav spend some time with Muskaan. Muskaan apologizes to Kairav for losing the ring. He finds ways to make her smile. He feels blessed to get a nice girl like her. Akshara feeds the food to Abhinav and asks him to stop worrying all the time. She tells him that things will get okay. She motivates him. Abhinav also feeds the food to her and takes care of her.

Suhasini asks everyone to rush and get ready for the engagement ceremony. Sharma family welcomes the guests. The guests call Abhir much sensible like his dad Abhinav. Manjiri loses her cool when Abhir is called Abhinav’s son. She reacts in anger and gets close to revealing the truth about Abhir’s dad. Akshara handles the situation. Later, a worried Akshara suffers a burn in the kitchen. Manjiri rushes to care for her like the good old times. Akshara gets reminded of Manjiri’s love



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