YRKKH 12th June 2023 Written Update Manjiri arrives. Aarohi meets Akshara and tells her that she is very poor in kitchen work. Akshara tells that it’s really simple. She tells that it’s weird to see fate bringing them to the same family. She limits herself from telling anything about Abhimanyu. Abhinav and Neela make the shagun envelopes ready. Akshara tells that they don’t trust her, the money and jewelry will not affect Kairav and his family. Abhinav trusts Akshara and her family, who treasure just relationships. He tells that he wants to do the best for Muskaan. Neela blesses him. Abhimanyu gives his room to Neela’s relatives and comes to sleep in the drawing room. Akshara asks him not to sleep outside, else he will fall sick. Abhimanyu tells that he isn’t a princess to feel discomfort

YRKKH 12th June 2023 Written Update Manjiri arrives

Abhir and Ruhi are excited that Manjiri is coming. Abhimanyu asks Akshara not to worry, and that Manjiri won’t pose any problem. The next day, Akshara and Abhimanyu welcome Manjiri. Manjiri is delighted to meet Abhir and Ruhi. On the other hand, Muskaan falls into trouble when she loses the costly engagement ring. Abhimanyu asks Manjiri to take some rest at the hotel. Manish asks Manjiri to stay with them. Ruhi tells that there isn’t any place for her. Manjiri is okay to stay at the hotel. Abhir asks Manjiri to stay with them in their house. Akshara also requests Manjiri to stay with them. Manjiri agrees to stay back.

Kairav meets Muskaan to ask her on a date. She states that she is busy. He asks the matter. She doesn’t share the tension. Aarohi feels she couldn’t become a priority of the Birla family. She realizes she has no place for herself in Abhimanyu’s life. Manjiri enters Akshara’s room. She closely observes the room and sees Akshara and Abhinav’s picture. She tells Abhimanyu that she has come to meet Abhir, but not for Kairav’s marriage


She asks him to tell the truth to Abhir. Abhimanyu doesn’t think it’s time. He asks Manjiri not to tell the truth to Abhir. He adds that it’s Akshara and his right, and they shall decide it. He meets Akshara and tells that Abhinav must learn the truth first and that Abhir knows the truth about him. She tells that she will talk to him after the marriage functions. Abhinav finds them talking calmly. Neela asks Muskaan to hand over the ring. Muskaan tells that she has lost the ring. Abhinav consoles her and tells that he will arrange a similar ring to cover up her mistake. She asks him not to buy a ring. He doesn’t want Muskaan to be called careless. Surekha overhears them and learns from their mistake. Manjiri gets to see Akshara’s struggles in her middle-class home and feels for her.



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