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The Episode starts with Akshu saying Abhinav made a family and gave a shelter and upbringing to Abhir, without any condition, he has given us everything, his house and business, he has put everything on stake, he is keeping this marriage for his son, we have no husband and wife relation, we were just living as mum and dad. Everyone is shocked. Dadi asks what is she saying. Manjiri asks what, why did you do this, why did you ruin everyone’s lives, you forced everyone to live incomplete lives, answer me. Abhir comes and asks why are you fighting, are you fighting in dream or real. Akshu signs Abhinav. He says you see strange dreams, we are not fighting, just talking. Manjiri goes to Abhir. Akshu hugs Abhir and says my son

Abhinav says I had kept an alarm, Abhir has imp tests tomorrow and need 10 hour sleep. Abhir asks why. Abhi says yes, tests are imp, else surgery can get delayed, go and sleep, we will leave now. Akshu takes Abhir. Manjiri cries. Lagta hai sab kuch….plays… Everyone disperses. Abhi looks at Abhinav and goes.

Akshu sees Abhir sleeping. She sits recalling the arguments. She cries. Mahima says relation one and colours two. Manjiri says taunt me and scold me, but say it clearly. Mahima says that day I was fighting for Parth’s right, you said a mother has more right on child, Shefali has more right on Shivansh, Akshu is also a mum, what happened now, you have double standards, I know Parth isn’t a good husband, your son didn’t get husband of the year trophy, he left Akshu in her bad time, he is taking Aarohi and Ruhi for granted, you will fight and prove that he can become a good father, I was doing the same for Parth, if I was wrong, then you are wrong today, if you are right, then I was right, the battle is between two mums, Abhir’s mum didn’t start fighting yet, lets see who wins. Abhinav sits crying. Akshu comes. Manish sits with Abhinav. Akshu thinks I have hurt both of you, I m sorry. She goes. Manish holds Abhinav’s foot. Abhinav stops him. Manish says you have done big favors on Akshu and Abhir, what kind of person are you, I can’t thank you enough, Jamai sa, people get rid of their kids’ responsibility these days, you have loved someone else’s child. Abhinav says I m not a great person, I m a simple man, a driver, I was alone, an orphan, I got Akshu and Abhir, I got a family, no one does a favor on own family. He hugs Manish and cries.

Aarohi says its my mistake. Surekha says just think of yourself. Aarohi says I m thinking of Ruhi, what will happen when she learns Abhir is Abhi’s son, she will not tolerate this. Surekha says the entire family will find a solution. Aarohi says Abhi didn’t forget Akshu completely, Akshu didn’t become of Abhinav completely, its not about Abhir, they couldn’t move on, Abhi and my relation have no chance. Surekha ends call and talks to family. She says maybe fate wants to unite Abhi and Akshu, we should end this matter. Everyone scolds her. Surekha says everyone is upset, how will happiness come home, Abhi has got engaged to Aarohi only for Ruhi’s sake, Akshu was not here for 6 years, why didn’t Abhi marry Aarohi, because he doesn’t want to, Akshu and Abhinav’s relation is namesake, Akshu has put a brake on her heart, that’s Abhi, four lives are getting ruined, why don’t we save two lives, why should they keep the marriage when there is no love, everyone makes compromises and ruins their lives for the sake of society and family, we are parents, we can see their problems, why don’t we lessen their problems, its facts, if Abhi and Akshu unite, then Abhinav and Aarohi can move on in their lives, none of the four are happy now. Manish gets thinking. Suwarna comes to Akshu and hugs her. She says you couldn’t keep the marriage, two people have equal rights in a relation, Abhinav didn’t get his right. Akshu says I know, I have married him for Abhir’s sake, we became friends and stayed under a roof, we got scared thinking this relation can shatter, he never forced this relation on me, he just stood to protect us, we tried to take a step, but Abhir’s illness came out. Suwarna says there are many responsibilities in a marriage, you tried hard, I know, you both have good understanding, you can’t step back, you are strong. She goes. Abhinav comes. Akshu says sorry, I didn’t wish to hurt you, I promise. He says I will never force our relation on you, I m sad that our relation’s truth came out, you would be feeling awkward. She says I didn’t wish to say that, when someone blames you, I lose my mind. He says I know, but what will I tell if people ask me questions. He lies to sleep. She cries. He looks on

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update 

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