yeh rishta kya kehlata hai full episode today

YRKKH 2nd April 2023 Written Update Big decision Akshara accuses Abhinav of risking Abhir’s life. yeh rishta kya kehlata hai full episode today She tells that Abhir will cry for their poverty and helplessness. She adds that they can’t arrange 20 lakhs, they love their son, but money is also important, which they don’t have. She asks why did he stop her from taking Manish’s help. She scolds him saying he didn’t agree to take Manish’s help and he had risked her son’s life today. Abhinav is hurt by her words. She is shocked to see the paid bill receipt in his hand. She realizes her mistake. Abhinav cries. He goes to plead with the doctor. He tells that he has paid the bill. He asks the doctor to take Abhir for the surgery. Akshara and Abhinav see Abhir and get emotional.

Abhimanyu reads Abhir’s message and chats with him. He feels tense about Abhir. He tells Shefali that he is feeling hurt. She tells that it’s the parents’ intuition when their child isn’t okay. He calls and checks if Ruhi is fine. He hugs Ruhi. She asks did he see any bad dreams that he is so scared of. Akshara apologizes to Abhinav for hurting his sentiments. He tells her that he had promised her, he won’t let anything happen to her son and he had kept the promise to date. She says that Abhir is his son. She feels sorry. She tells him that he has many rights over Abhir

She asks him to forgive her. Abhinav wipes her tears. He understands that a person can tell anything in tension. She thanks him. She asks him how did he arrange money. He tells that he arranged it on his own. She asks him did he take a loan. He doesn’t tell him the truth. Neela reaches them. She confronts Abhinav about selling the cars at a lower price in an urgency. Akshara is shocked that he sold his cars to get the surgery amount. She realizes that he had put his life savings into the surgery. Abhinav tells that Abhir is his life’s real savings, the cars or anything else doesn’t matter in front of Abhir’s life.

On the other hand, Manjiri asks Abhimanyu and Aarohi to go to a holiday resort and spend time together without any stress. Shefali says that she will make the marriage preparations. Abhimanyu agrees to go there for Ruhi’s sake. Aarohi is glad to see the changes in him. Akshara and Abhinav wait for the surgery to end. The doctor informs them that the surgery is over and Abhir is also okay, but they got to know new complications, another surgery will be needed to permanently fix the hole in his heart. He calls it a rare case and recommends the best doctor for Abhir. Abhinav tells that they will go to any doctor

yeh rishta kya kehlata hai full episode today

The doctor recommends Dr. Abhimanyu Birla. Akshara runs away from there. Abhinav reaches here and asks her not to run away from the truth, Abhir needs Abhimanyu and they have to go back to Udaipur. She refuses to go there. Abhinav tells that she can’t end Abhir’s life. She adds that Abhimanyu is Abhir’s father and he will do his duty. She tells that Abhinav is Abhir’s father. He doesn’t feel capable of doing anything for Abhir. He is afraid to lose Abhir. He asks Akshara not to risk Abhir’s life.

She tells that Abhimanyu can snatch their son from them. He understands her faith is getting shaken. He has faith that nobody can snatch Abhir. She says that Abhimanyu will understand Abhir is his son. He tells that Abhimanyu has to fulfill a father’s duty. She asks him not to call Abhimanyu. Abhinav calls Kairav and tells him about the big problem they are facing. Kairav is shocked to learn about Abhir’s condition. Abhinav tells that they can’t delay Abhir’s treatment

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Kairav tells that he will make arrangements for them to come to Udaipur. Manish and Suwarna learn about Abhir’s condition. Kairav tells that Abhinav wants Abhimanyu to operate with Abhir. Kairav pacifies Manish and Suwarna. Abhinav tells that he knew he will arrange the money and he did it, it’s his final limit and he can’t do anything else, he needs Abhimanyu to save Abhir’s life. He asks Akshara to decide if her fear is bigger than Abhir’s life. He decides to leave for Udaipur. Akshara agrees to go to Udaipur. She hopes Abhinav’s faith wins over her fears. They reach Udaipur but get late in meeting Abhimanyu, who leaves for the resort. Manjiri warns them to stay away from Abhimanyu

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