Renowned actor and director, Satish Datt, is making a remarkable comeback to the world of acting with the television show Kundali Milan. After dedicating three decades of his career behind the camera, Satish Datt has decided to step back into the limelight with this captivating series.

Having witnessed the evolution of the television industry, from its early days of weekly one-hour programming to the current era of 24-hour broadcasting and the dominance of over 500 channels and OTT platforms, Satish Datt reflects on his journey. With his vast experience as a director, creative director, writer, and editor spanning three eventful decades, he now embraces this new chapter as an actor in the show Kundali Milan, under the guidance of Mr. Arvind Babbal. Satish Datt expresses his excitement, stating, “Having worked with Mr. Babbal at every level, from assistant director to chief assistant director to director, I am thrilled to be a part of Kundali Milan. As an actor in my fifties, I am relishing this new phase of life. Alongside my successful career as a creative director for various renowned fiction and non-fiction shows, I aspire to establish myself as a recognized actor

Prachi Bohra has also joined the cast of Kundali Milan as the lead, further enriching the show with her talent. Satish Datt’s return to acting after such a significant hiatus brings forth a renewed passion for the stage, showcasing his creative prowess and captivating audiences with his portrayal in Kundali Milan.

With his profound understanding of storytelling and unwavering dedication to his craft, Satish Datt’s presence in Kundali Milan adds depth and authenticity to the narrative. Set against the enchanting backdrop of Mathura, the show unravels a tale of love, destiny, and the unbreakable bonds of human relationships. As viewers embark on this captivating journey, Satish Datt’s portrayal promises to leave a lasting impression, further elevating the overall experience of Kundali Milan.

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