Udaariyaan 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TallyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ekam saying I have decided it. Nehmat stops it and says yes, I have said yes, I have a condition, you will give everything to Harleen and she should never feel you are Nehmat’s Ekam. Ekam says fine. She says you have to give her every happiness, respect and love like you give me. He says fine, I will become her husband, but I promise you, I will never her your place, I love you, she will never get that love. She thinks I will make sure you forget me and love Harleen, because she deserves your love.

She recalls Nimmo’s words. Ekam thinks I will make you realize your love for me, we are made for each other. He says I m so happy today, you can’t understand, we will go out tonight. Harleen calls him out. They hide from her. Nimmo comes back and sees Harleen. She asks will you have tea, I have sent Naaz to make tea for me, we will have a talk, come with me. Ekam says I will leave now, you reach there on time, thanks. He leaves.

Ekam calls Harleen and asks where were you, I had made breakfast for you, have the food. She asks did you make it for me. He says yes. She asks did you make any paratha. He says I didn’t burn it, go to kitchen and check the food. Nimmo asks Sartaj to do his work. She says I will take tea for Nehmat. He goes away. Harleen goes to the kitchen and sees the breakfast. She smiles. Nehmat burns the divorce papers. Harleen says thanks, you are trying to become a good husband. Nehmat says Ekam didn’t do right, I have to make him realize his mistake, he isn’t valuing Harleen. Nimmo asks what will you do now. Nehmat comes to Harleen. She recalls Ekam’s words. Harleen asks do you have any work. Nehmat says Ekam was telling Sartaj that he wants to take us outside. Harleen says he didn’t tell me. Nehmat says sorry to spoil his surprise for you, he invited Sartaj and me to clear your misunderstanding, don’t doubt me always. She asks her to tell Ekam that she loves him a lot. Harleen says fine. She smiles. She says I should also plan a surprise for Ekam. Nehmat prays that Ekam realizes his mistake soon

Ekam comes to the police station. He gets the criminals and puts them in lockup. Abir says I have seen your loyalty and wish you got your love. Ekam gets a call. He says I have made a solo booking on the terrace, its special for me. He smiles and says Nehmat and I will be going out tonight. He gets Harleen’s audio message… come home soon, I have a surprise for you. He thinks to refuse to you. He writes a message and cuts it. He replies okay.

He says I will go home and make an excuse. Harleen bakes a cake for Ekam. Itti si hasi…plays… She makes food. Nehmat looks on and smiles. Nehmat says wow, you are baking a cake, shall I help you. Harleen says no, you already helped me, I m making Chinese starters for him. Nehmat says we will order the dinner from outside. Naaz comes and sees them. She says they have become friends, I will do something. Harleen makes arrangements. She calls someone and says please come soon, I m waiting. Ekam comes and says I will see the surprise Harleen planned, I will tell her that I m going out. He sees her and greets. He says I have to leave early, what’s the surprise. She says thanks, don’t act, I know what you were planning, I have also made a special plan, Nehmat told me everything, you and Sartaj were discussing about the surprise for me, I m sure you will like my surprise. She hugs him. She gets a call. She says I will just come, you finish your work and come back home. She goes. Ekam says Nehmat didn’t do this right, she has to answer me.

Sartaj asks did Harleen plan the surprise for us, are you okay. Nehmat runs to puke. She comes back and says I got much acidity, I have to stop taking tea. He says I always ask you to take rest, I will iron the clothes, give it to me. She says its okay, I will do. He says I will do it, leave it. Balbeer asks what do you mean. Naaz says they are going to party tonight. He says we will make it memorable for Ekam. She says and for Harleen and Nehmat also, Harleen had slapped me, I will take revenge, I will make them sign the land papers. Sartaj irons the clothes and scolds Nehmat. He asks her to make lemon water for herself.

She sees her dress burnt. He says sorry, I will get a new dress for you. She says its okay. He goes. Ekam comes and thinks you did wrong to invite Sartaj and Harleen, I will do something that you can’t ignore me.



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