Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TallyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Eisha puts her blood on the parasmani. Mehak says give parasmani to Armaan. If Eisha loves him his blood would stop this spell. Eisha gives him the parasmani. Bheem and Mahir try to hit Veer. Armaan is about to drop blood. Veer comes and hits Armaan. Veer catches the parasmani. Armaan tries to fight Sikander. Sikander hits him up. Sikander says you both will die today. the Mahesh wolves come there. Eisha tries to fight them. Mahir and Bheem also come there. Cherry tries to stop them. Raima ocmes there and gives a cut to Armaan on neck. Eisha screams. His blood falls on the parasmani. Veer says the spell is complete. Congratulations everyone. All of your are demoted. Sikander screams in anger.

Sikander turns into Mahesh wolves and so do everyone. They’re all shocked. Cherry says Sikander should have lost all this powers. Eisha says what is this Mehak? Sikander says your spell is as weak as you are. All my enemies are in front of me. He asks all Mahesh wolves to kill them and says don’t kill this angira, she’s my blood bank. Armaan and Veer try to fight everyone. Mehak recalls Eisha and Veer together. She goes to Veer. Veer says not right now. She cuts his hand and gets his blood on the parasmani. The spell activates. Sikander faints. Everyone is shocked. Eisha loooks at Vee

Sikander turns into smoe and so do all Mahesh wolves. Mehak capturs their powers in parasmani. Sikander scrreams. He dies. Armaan looks at Eisha and Veer. Bheem and Mahir get up normal. They leave. Cherry asks Mahir are you okay? He says yes, are you okay? Veer looks at Eisha. Eisha looks at Armaan.

Scene 2
The next morning, In college, Vihaan says I am so happy everything is resolved now. Mehak says not all problems are resolved. There’s something that is troubling Eisha. Cherry says Armaan and Veer. Eisha thinks she loves Armaan but she loves Veer. A girl gives Eisha a red balloon. They all smile at her. They ask Eisha to capture a group photo for them. They turn back, their jackets say I love you Eisha. Confetti fall on Eisha. Veer comes there. Eisha smiles looking at him. Veer says so? Ms. Eisha Sharma? Your heart won between your heart and mind. My blood said what your heart should have. Dont’ change what the universe is doing. This is made by blood. Eisha laughs. Veer says I love Eisha, with all my heart. Eisha smiles looking at him. He says you have to say I love you too in return. No pressure. Eisha hugs him. Armaan comes there.

Eisha says to Armaan I dont’ know how to start. I know you feel like I took advantage of your absence and cheated on you. But I didn’t do it. Trust me. I don’t know how all of this happened. When did my heart change and Veer got a place in it. I dont’ want to hurt you. I hope you would understand me. Armaan says I understand. You’re so pure you can never cheat. This had to happen. We were just meant to be till here. Veer says don’t act great. Armaan says I would act great if you ever hurt Eisha. I always want her to be happy. Armaan gives Eisha’s hand in Veer’s hand. Armaan leaves. Eisha smiles.

Episode ends



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