Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update Rishabh confronts Rajveer


Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update Rishabh confronts Rajveer. Shaurya gets electrocuted because of Rajveer’s plan. Rajveer goes away with Palki. She asks him to find Preeta and get her outside. She agrees to wait for him. The Luthras panic about Shaurya’s condition. They wonder how did this happen when he was happily giving his speech on the stage. Bani asks why isn’t he opening his eyes. Kritika tells that they have to find out how did this happen, he was giving a speech and got a current shock. The family cries for Shaurya. Sandy tells Rishabh that Shaurya he had seen Rajveer behind the screen, and he was doing something to the mic wires. Rishabh angrily summons Rajveer and confronts him about Shaurya’s condition. He tells that Shaurya got the electric shock because of Rajveer. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023.

Main Hoon Aparajita

Mohini returns to Aparajita’s house. Mohini attempts to harm Amma again. Amma prays for her family. Mohini goes to stab her. Amma screams. Aparajita stops Mohini and asks her to leave. Mohini tells that it’s her room. Aparajita warns her and asks her not to harm any family member, else she will kill her. Mohini tells that Aparajita can’t do anything to her, even if she gets a little scratch, Akshay will throw Aparajita out of the house.

Pandya Store

Raavi misunderstands Dhara after hearing Shiva and Dhara’s conversation. Dhara promises Shiva that she will get him married to Arushi, just to save his life. Dhara attempts to fail Arushi’s plan. She takes Shiva to Malti’s house and shocks Arushi. She says they have accepted the alliance and now Shiva and Arushi can marry. Arushi is stunned because she doesn’t want to marry Shiva. Dhara wants Arushi to step back and admit her plans in front of the Pandya family.

Kundali Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update Rishabh confronts Rajveer:

Preeta is shocked to see the fire breaking out. She thinks about how to go out. She runs to the kitchen to find some water. She is shocked to see the fire spreading everywhere. She struggles to put off the fire with a single jug of water. Rishabh calls the doctor for Shaurya. Nidhi and her family worry for Shaurya. They try to get him to consciousness. Mahesh and Rishabh try to arrange the doctor at the earliest. Rishabh tells Shaurya that he won’t let anything happen to him. Kritika asks how did this happen with Shaurya. Nidhi calls it the fault of the event manager. Karan rushes to help her when he finds her stuck in the fire


Nidhi tells that the event manager failed in handling the event, Shaurya was so happy that he got electrocuted. She worries about the humiliation that came added to their worries. Sandy tells them that Rajveer might have taken revenge on Shaurya. Mahesh arranges a doctor for Shaurya. Rishabh asks Sandy what is he saying. Sandy tells that he is sure of it, and Rajveer has taken revenge on Shaurya. Nidhi asks Sandy to tell them the truth. Sandy reveals Rajveer’s strange behavior, Shaurya has hurt his ego and he might have done this. He tells that Rajveer tolerated the insult today just because he had planned the revenge. He adds that Rajveer always reacts to Shaurya’s actions.

The family asks who is Rajveer and why he wants to take revenge on him. Sandy tells that Rajveer is against Shaurya for a long. He adds that Shaurya and he had seen Rajveer damaging the mic wires. Rishabh grows angered. Palki comes back to Rajveer and asks him to come with her. He asks her to stop. She tells that Luthras are very rich and powerful, and they will not spare him. She fears Rajveer’s arrest if he gets caught for his mistake. Rajveer tells that he won’t get caught, and he has a plan B to defend himself. She asks him to just listen to her. He tells that he will go and see Shaurya

Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update Prachi loves Ranbir

He assures that he will be okay. She tells that he never listens to her, if anything happens to him, then she will not leave him. He asks her not to scold him. He tells that he will take her and drop her outside. Mohit tells that he will tell everyone what’s going on between Rajveer and Palki. He wants their relationship to get accepted by everyone. He likes Rajveer and believes that he will keep Palki happy. He thinks where is Preeta? He tells that he will talk to Preeta when she comes home. Preeta shouts for help. Karan tells that he won’t let anything happen to her. He looks for some help. Karan struggles to break a window. Rishabh asks the event manager about Rajveer. The event manager tells that Rajveer is inside the room.

Rajveer comes and asks them the matter. Rishabh asks Rajveer did he plan this electrocution to take his revenge on Shaurya. Rajveer denies it. He tells that he can’t take this responsibility, but maybe he has done something that shocked Shaurya. Sandy tells that he had seen Rajveer backstage. He rebukes Rajveer. Rajveer asks him to stop the nonsense. Rishabh asks Rajveer to tell the truth and stop posing. He tells that it’s serious and they will not spare him. Rishabh uses his plan B to save himself. Karan calls out Preeta and asks her if she can hear him. Preeta hears his voice and replies to him. Rishabh asks Rajveer who he loves the most. He asks Rajveer to swear on his Maasi/Preeta and tell them the truth.

Rajveer says that he will tell the truth and is responsible for everything that happened. He adds that Shaurya received an electric shock because of him. Nidhi asks how dare he do this. Mahesh asks the reason for doing this. He wants to know the reason for his enmity. Rajveer tells them that they don’t know Shaurya’s actions, Shaurya has defamed a girl and her family, he broke her marriage and got her humiliated. He adds that Shaurya broke Palki’s marriage and took revenge on her. He reveals that Shaurya got Palki kidnapped a day before her marriage. He tells that he saved Palki and Shaurya got their pictures clicked at the wrong angle, he made them appear close just to frame them, Shaurya came to attend her wedding and played the pictures to defame Palki and him.

He says that Shaurya has caused much humiliation and pain, has committed a crime, and deserved punishment. Sandy tells that Rajveer has got after Shaurya. Rajveer confesses his mistake. He tells that he has done this to teach a lesson to Shaurya. He asks them to think if Shaurya has not done anything wrong. Rishabh loses his cool. He calls the cops. Rajveer tells that they will play the game later, he has to go and find his Maasi. Rishabh asks him if he can see any of his family members here. He tells that Rajveer has done a wrong thing and he won’t be going anywhere until the police come and find the truth. Mahesh takes Rajveer to a room. Karan reaches there and shouts to call the family members. He doesn’t find anyone. He tries to call Rishabh for help. He finds his phone battery dead.


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