Suhaagan 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Madan getting Bansi beaten by the villagers. Bansi tells the villagers that he has given money to Madan and has even gone to their house. Rekha says he is lying, she is seeing him for the first time and swears on Madan. Bansi says he is not lying. Payal, Bindiya and Dadi are going from there. They ask the villagers what is happening. The villager tells that someone teased Rekha and that’s why he is getting beaten up. Payal insists to see, but Bindiya takes her from there. Bansi sees her and calls her. Madan thinks Payal might give the statement in his favor and asks the villagers to hand him over to the Police. The villagers take him. Bindiya, Payal and Dadi reach the house and find the house door broken and Ram Pyaari tied. She thinks if thief has come.

Rekha, Phoolmati along with their husbands rented a house for 3 days. Phoolmati asks bhim to stay away from Rekha, else she might accuse him of molestation. Rekha says whatever she did is for her husband and tells Phoolmati that her husband is like a rat. Madan says we used to stay together in Bindiya’s house also. Rekha says our house. Phoolmati looks at them. Madan says our hous

Bindiya tells that everything is fine and asks who had come here. Dadi says we have nothing to be stolen. Bindiya says I will try to save the house and farm and says how to earn 200 daily. Madan tells his evil team that Bindiya is alone, he has sent Inspector from here, and says we are four and when we attack her, then who will win? They say we will win.

Bindiya rolls papads under Dadi’s guidance. The evil team gets drunk. Phoolmati tells Rekha that you are beautiful and even I am beautiful. She asks her to make her eye brows. Rekha makes her eyebrows. Bhim says you are looking chowdwi ka chand. Madan says you can’t distinguish between dung and full moon. He tells his team that they shall keep eye on Bindiya and shall not let her succeed.

Bindiya asks Payal and Dadi to sleep and she goes to make papads. She keeps them for drying. Aashayein song plays….

In the morning, Dadi wakes up and doesn’t see Bindiya there. She thinks it seems Bindiya didn’t sleep. She prays to Ambe Maa to make her succeed. She asks Payal to bring her wheelchair. Payal brings her wheelchair. Dadi comes out with Payal. Bindiya tells Ram Pyaari that she don’t want its health to suffer. Dadi asks what about your health. Bindiya lies that she had slept for much time. She sells cow milk and gets 40 Rs. She hears that someone needs a salesperson in his shop.

Phoolmati and Bhim come to Bindiya’s house and get shocked to see the papads drying. She asks Bhim to splash water on it. Bhim brings two buckets of water to throw on the papads. Ram pyaari makes a sound. Bindiya asks the shop owner to hire her and tells that she can calculate best. Phoolmati asks Bhim to hurry up. Bhim throws water on the papads. Phoolmati rejoices and asks Bhim to come out. Bindiya asks for a chance.

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