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Mohan informs that Radha is in the vent, the entire Trivedi family is shocked, Kadambari wonders how could she have done this all by herself, Ajeet along with everyone else tries to stop Mohan as he is trying to climb onto the vent, Mohan jumps to reach it seeing which everyone gets scared, Mohan manages to jump and hold the corner of the vent, he struggles for a bit but manages to enter the vent, Kadambari advises him to be careful, he finally gets into the vent. Mohan starts crawling when they all ask if he is fine however Mohan at first does not say anything but then replies he is fine, Gungun asks if Radha is there when Mohan replies she is not here, Damini and Kaveri are relieved hearing it. Tulsi mentions she did not check in the vent when she first came here, she crying wonders what has happened to Radha, the temperature in the cold storage reaches minus twenty three degrees. Mohan while crawling sees the blood of Radha on the side of the vent and even on the base, he thinks he is surely going to find her wherever she is, Mohan mentions Radha must not lose hope for some time as he will surely come to save her, the vent starts falling down when Mohan reaches the fan where he sees the pile of hair, he thinks these hairs belong to Radha, and even finds the broken piece of her watch, he thinks eh cannot show these things to Gungun as she would get very sad, Mohan thinks Radha would not have been able to go any further, he thinks he has to get down since the vent can break at any moment.

Kaveri whispers to Damini where did Radha go when she is neither in the cold storage nor the vent, Mohan starts climbing down, everyone gets worried asking him to be careful. Mohan jumps from the corner but falls on the floor, they all get scared, so rush to help Mohan stand up, he does ot see that Radha is lying down under the pile of ice cream boxes. The owner of the cold storage comes when Mohan goes to him questioning where is Radha, the owner replies that he does not know anything about it, the owner pushes Mohan away causing the button of his shirt to break, the owner says he would have to question Mohan how did his wife get into the cold storage and break all these things, Kadambari explains they would not be given any other chance like the one they got from the police, Ketki assures they are going to fulfill the loss he has suffered, the owner asks if they are sure when Mohan starts getting emotional wondering where is Radha. Tulsi suggests they should go and search for Radha somewhere else

Kaveri wonders where did Tulsi go, Damini suddenly drops her phone when she sees the body of Radha trapped under the boxes, Kaveri asks why s she taking her blessings, Damini points to the boxes explaining Radha is trapped there, Kaveri asks Damini to do something getting scared of what would happen if anyone sees her, Damini replies she should let them see as it is the dead body of Radha which they need for the final rituals, Kaveri praises Damini for being really clever as she finally got rid of Radha, Damini mentions they can take the credit for finding her dead body, Mohan is pleading to Radha that she comes back, apologizing for not trusting her and vows he would not do it again. Damini mentions Mohan can cry for Radha today because from tomorrow there would be only him and her as Radha has died, Damini starts walking towards Mohan when she gets shocked seeing the hands of Radha moving, Kaveri informs that Damini should do something before anyone sees them, Damini explains she will handle Mohan but if Tulsi sees her then would cause a lot of problem, Damini ask Kaveri to go and take care of Tulsi, Kaveri mentions that Damini does tis each and every time, so she refuses however when she is pressurized Kaveri agrees, Tulsi notices it.

Kaveri comes to Gungun mentioning that this is not the time to cry, she explains Gungun is very young so she should not see this and they both must go outside, Gungun refuses to leave the cold storage explaining her Radha is trapped here so she is going to find her, Damini gets furious. Kaveri thinks Gungun is not agreeing so wonders how can she divert the attention of Tulsi Kaveri slowly takes the phone of Gungun, which she hides in her saree, Tulsi follows Kaveri when she hears her talking at the door, explaining she is going to talk with him after going outside the cold storage, Tulsi suspects there is something wrong because if everyone is here then what is she going to do outside.

Damini sees the arm of Radha wonders what can she do now, she slowly gets close to Radha an tries pushing her hand with the feet, however Radha sees Damini so tries her best to keep her hand visible, Damini gets frustrated with it. Mohan is sure that Radha is here in the cold storage, mentioning his heart is saying it. They all are feeling really cold. Mohan starts calling Radha, Damini thinks if Mohan sees Radha then her entire plan would fail, she gets scared and so acts as if she has gotten dizzy and falls down, Damini sees that Radha is awake. Damini tries to get back up however holds her arm due to which Damini falls down once again, she tries her best to get up but is not able to free her hand from the grip of Radha, meanwhile Mohan is constantly calling to Radha, she tries her best to reply but no longer has the strength to speak. Damini hits the hand of Radha with her phone, before finally standing up. Mohan comes to stand on her face questioning what is she doing, Damini replies she was searching for Radha. Mohan replies that he knows she would not even tell him about the location of Radha because she hates her a lot, Damini says Mohan can think whatever he desires for her, as she put her own life at risk but he is still suspecting her. Kadambari stops Mohan explaining they do not have the time to argue, Radha is about to touch the feet of Mohan but he turns away from her, they all start calling her name however Radha is not able to reply, she tries to struggle a lot but it is all in vain.

Kaveri questions why has Radha not died till now, explaining they only have tonight and mentions that he must call her back after talking with his boss. Kaveri thinks they can make a fool of anyone, she thinks that Tulsi is keeping an eye on her while Radha is still trapped in the cold storage, Kaveri gets worried thinking what if Tulsi starts beating her.

Ketki informs Mohan that Radha is not here, Kadambari also explains Radha might not be in this cold storage, Mohan says that Radha could not have gone outside since the cold storage was locked. Ajeet explains how he feels they should search for Radha outside, as they have even taken the help from the police. Damini notices how Radha is trying to touch the feet of Mohan, the owner of the cold storage says he already told them that his wife was not here, kadambari angrily says they know what he meant. Kadambari asks Mohan to come as they will search for Radha somewhere else, Mohan turns to leave along with the entire Trivedi family, seeing which Radha starts weeping and is really tensed.

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