Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TallyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Malhar taking Malerao to the temple. He asks for how many days were you away from the palace, you don’t know it, Ahilya knows it, this is Bhagya bandhan, she puts one coin in this bag every morning and waits for you, every parent worries a lot for a child and prays for him. He takes him to the kitchen. He says Ahilya comes to the kitchen every day and makes kheer for you. He says Ahilya was busy in Darbari work, but used to come here every evening. He says you give her a good future. Malerao gets thinking. Malhar leaves. Ahilya comes there and smiles seeing him. Malerao imagines her. Ahilya cries and says I don’t understand, how shall I stop Malerao. Gautama consoles her. Malhar looks on. He gets aside and they see Malerao. They cry seeing him. Malerao wipes Ahilya’s tears. Gautama gets happy. Ahilya holds his hand.

She hugs him. He says I take my words back, I was wrong, I don’t know how long will this take me. She says you are my life, now tell me, you won’t leave this palace ever. He hugs her. Tukoji comes. He says people have come outside the palace. Ahilya and Malerao go. Malhar and Gautama smile seeing them together. Hari and Gangoba smile. Ahilya sees the crowd. Gangoba says they have come to complain. She asks what. The man says we don’t accept the help provided by you. She asks why, what happened. The man says you are asking us to grow plants and do jobs, but we still have to pay tax to the palace. The men say you didn’t do right justice, we don’t have our lands now.

She says you are calling me Aai Saheb and saying I didn’t do justice, will a mum cheat and do injustice with children. The men say we want money. She says you didn’t understand our solution. She asks Gangoba to present the solution in front of them. Gangoba reads the solution plan. The men say we don’t accept this, everything is yours, we have nothing, we were owners of the land and now we will be the slaves, we don’t accept the slavery. She says I don’t want any slavery, who told this to you. The man says Gangoba read the plan to us, its slavery. She says I didn’t announce the plan yet, we are trying to make a plan for the Malwa people, its name is Saath Baada. Everyone is shocked. Hari looks at Gangoba


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