Meri Saas Bhoot Hai 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pardesi wakes up Som in the morning and offers him tea. Som asks if he gave tea to Twinkle. He says no. Som sends him away and thinks of booking Switzerland tickets to calm down Twinkle. He tries to book tickets, but his card gets declined. Rahul passes by and asks what is he doing. Som says he is booking Switzerland tickets, but card is getting declined. Rahul acts as helping him and blocks all his cards. He lies that ticket is booked. Twinkle walks to Som. Som apologizes her and informs that he booked Switzerland tickets and takes her for shoppping.

A dhaba owner gets angry when his cleaning staff takes uninformed leave. Gaura walks to him seeking a job. He asks if she can clean utensils and hires her for 300 rs. Rekha asks her not to do all these. Gaura says nobody will ask her if she doesn’t earn. Rekha says she will clean utensils with her magic. Gaura refuses to compromise in her work and cleans utensils. Once she finishes the task, she informs owner who gives her 300 rs. Owner panics again when the cook takes leave and asks Gaura if she can cook. Gaura says she cooks really well. Owner offers her 400 rs for cooking. She bargains for 500 rs and happily accepts.

Som takes Twinkle to a shop where she does huge shopping and makes a bill of 1.5 lakh rs. Shopkeeper gifts her a bag as a kind gesture. Twinkle thinks her fate changed once Gaura and Rekha’s stuff is out of the house. Som gives his card to the shopkeeper which gets declined. Som’s other cards are also declined. Shopkeeper humiliates Som and takes all the stuff back, leaving Som and Twinkle fuming. Som drives car angrily towards home while Twinkle questions if he really is rich or she fell for a wrong man. He reaches home and scolds Rahul for failing to add money in his account. Drama continues…

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