Mere Sai 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Subhash tells Sai that he’s not prepared for the exam, and he will fail eventually. Sai asks Subhash that why does he want to become an police officer? Subhash replies that he wants to help other. Sai shows him kids playing with and aren’t able to fly it. So he asks him to go and help them, but remember not to damage and let it touch the ground. He asks Sai, what the need for that? Sai says that he will know it on his own, while he goes to complete some work.

Atmaram is showing clothes to his customers at his shop. Atmaram’s brings his lunch and opens it for him. Atmaram gets tempted. His customers asks Atmaram to show some more clothes. Atmaram denies and tells them to wait because he will finish his lunch first. His customers gets frustrated but decides to be patient. His wife tells the customers that Atmaram takes rests after his lunch. His customers gets up and leaves. Agmaram’s wife tells him to let them go as they were already looking poor. Atmaram completes his lunch. His life leaves. Atmaram lays down and starts resting. Sai shows up and wakes up Atmaram. Sai tells Atmaram to always respect his customers and never discriminate them on the basis of their financial conditions, always treat everyone equally. Atmaram tells Sai that everyone should be balanced. Sai advises him not to sleep while working. Atmaram tells Sai that he’s a son of a businessman and knows how to do business more than him, and he also owns this shop he can open it whenever he wants to. Sai asks Atmaram to repay the money because the lender is asking for the payment. Atmaram gets up and tells Sai that he didn’t made that much, he only sold few pieces. Atmaram tells Sai that he gave him 1 month of time. Sai tells him the lenders can also change his mind just like he do it while opening the shop. Atmaram says it’s cheating. Sai says, he will talk to the lender

Subhash successfully helps the children in flying the kite. Children gets excited, but the thread from which the kite was attached gets broken down. Subhash starts chasing the falling kite. He successfully catches it and Sai sees him. Subhash tells Sai that he caught the kite just like ordered him to, and he asks Sai, what’s next? Sai tells him to get admitted in police. Subhash asks Sai that why is he joking, he cant run. Sai tells Subhash that he ran just now to catch the kite, did he feel pain? Subhash gets surprised and realises that he didn’t felt any pain. He asks Sai if he did some magic? Sai tells Subhash that he was just getting lazy aftet the accident. Subhash thanks Sai.

Tinku and his Ustaad goes to a sweet shop and asks the owner to give them 2 kachoris. The shopkeeper gives them the food. Tinku’s Ustaad makes a hole in the kachori and places an ant inside it. Tinku and his Ustaad starts screaming that there is an ant inside the Kachori. All of his customers leaves. The shopkeeper tells them that the ant is alive and if it was his fault the ant must have died till now after preparing it. Tinku asks the shopkeeper to bring all the food so that he can check it by eating. The shopkeeper brings food for them again. Tinku and Ustaad picks it up. Sai interrupts them and asks them that why are they eating the food if he sells rotten food? They will gets ants inside their stomach. Tinku’s Ustaad tells Sai that it’s not possible. Few ants starts crawling over Tinku and Kaddu. They both gets scared and Tinku tells that he was trying to eat free food. The shopkeeper grabs Kaddu. Sai tells him to leave him and asks to give them punishment instead. Kaddu asks Sai to pay the shopkeeper with the money he took from him. Sai and the shopkeeper agrees with him. Kaddu asks Sai that that whom did he gave the money? Sai replies, Atmaram. Kaddu gets shocked. Sai and Tatya leaves. Tatya tells Sai that he shouldn’t have told Kaddu about the truth.

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