Maya next move in Anupama brings promising twist. Malti surprises Anupama with a big responsibility by choosing her as the heir of her Gurukul. She tells that the one who deserves to become an heir and has the best talent is Anupama. She tells that Anupama will head the US Gurukul. She praises Anupama and tells that she has seen Anupama’s hard work, love for the art, respect for the teacher, selflessness, and dedication. She tells that Anupama is an amazing multi-tasker. She adds that Anupama has managed to do everything and her efforts have won her heart. The family is very much happy for Anupama for bagging such a big opportunity. Malti congratulates Anupama.

Anupama isn’t able to accept the big joy. Nakul gets jealous of Anupama and feels Malti has been unfair towards him after his years of hard work and dedication. Anupama commits to Malti. She touches her feet and accepts her decision. She takes up a big responsibility. Anuj and everyone feel proud of Anupama, and shower flowers at her. Malti tells that Anupama will know the huge responsibility when she lands in America. She adds that it’s a big chance for her. She apologizes to halt the function and talk about this matter. She asks them to proceed with the function


Everyone applauds Anupama, while Malti showers her love and affection to her. Nakul wants to become Malti’s heir when he is far better and more deserving than Anupama. He wants to know why didn’t Malti choose him as an heir. Vanraj finds him getting enraged and wonders what’s the reason. Anuj meets Anupama and finds her coming to terms with the new bundle of joy. He tells that he is very happy and proud of her. He congratulates her. He tells that she deserves this position and that she shouldn’t have any worries. He shows his faith in her. He tells that she can do anything. Anuj reveals a surprise at Samar and Dimple’s marriage function.

He welcomes Kumar Sanu for a special performance. Anuj and Anupama dance to a romantic song. Maya gets angered seeing Anupama with Anuj. She wants Anupama to go away to the US and never come back in Anuj’s life, but can’t stand Anupama’s happiness and success. Maya will make a big move to shatter Anupama’s happiness. What will Maya do to separate Anuj and Anupama? Keep reading.

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