Manjiri arrival twist in YRKKH baffles Akshara. Goenkas agree to conduct the marriage in Kasauli after a lot of discussions with Muskaan’s family. Akshara and Abhinav make arrangements for the family’s stay. They assure Neela that they will do their best. Kairav and Abhimanyu also help Abhinav and Akshara in their efforts. The marriage preparations bring Abhimanyu and Akshara closer and remind them of their marriage moments. Abhinav books a guest house for the Goenkas and Birlas.

Abhir is delighted to meet Ruhi when the Birlas arrive. Aarohi tells that the kids have a surprise for them. Abhir and Ruhi announce that Manjiri is coming to meet them. Akshara is stunned and worried thinking Manjiri won’t be able to control herself and tell Abhimanyu’s truth to Abhir. Abhir asks her if she didn’t like the surprise and if she isn’t happy to welcome Manjiri. Akshara gets speechless when Manjiri arrives there



Imlie signs the divorce papers and tells that Atharv and her relationship had ended a long time ago. She asks him to marry Chini if he loves her. She tells that she will learn to live her life, without him. She tells the Rana family that she will leave the house once the divorce happens. She decides to go away from their lives. She congratulates Atharv on their divorce. Devika asks Chini to move into Atharv’s room. She decides to get Chini married to Atharv and give legitimate status to their relationship. Chini hugs Imlie and tells that she will miss her a lot.

Dhairya tells Imlie that he will also come with her because he got the place in Rana’s house because of her. He is indebted to Imlie. She asks him not to leave his place, which he got after much struggle. Dhairya cares for her when she gets hurt. Atharv grows jealous watching Dhairya and Imlie together. He makes Imlie jealous by bonding with Chini. He proposes to Chini and tells her that he wants to start a new life with her. He doesn’t want any cheating and stares at Imlie. He decides to marry Chini. Imlie watches them and gets disheartened.

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