Malti’s secret in Anupama Upcoming twists. Malti asks Anupama not to let Anuj become a hurdle in her flight. Anupama tells that Anuj will become her support, he has given her the wings to fly, and he has given her ghungroos of his mother and also her blessings. She tells that Anuj had named all his business and properties to her. She sings praise of Anuj, who is always her strength. Malti tells that she is sure of this happening so she is warning her. She asks Anupama to be at the Gurukul on time and take care of her responsibilities. She tells that the event shouldn’t get canceled. Anupama assures her that she won’t disappoint her. Later, Anuj meets Anupama and tells her that he remembered their old times.

He asks her what was Malti talking about. Anupama tells that Malti wants her to focus on the Gurukul work. He knows that Malti told him something else too. Anupama doesn’t tell him anything. He leaves it to her. She asks him if he is happy with her US trip. He tells that he will miss her a lot, but it’s her dream so he is happy about her trip. He wishes her all the success. He asks her not to stay back for him or anyone. She thanks him. He asks what made her ask this. She tells that she wanted to hear it from him. He understands her

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Meanwhile, Anuj advises Dimpy during her Bidaai ceremony. He asks her to keep Samar happy. He tells that Samar is a nice person and the entire family is loving. He asks Dimpy to know if she is lucky to have Anupama as her Saas. Leela thinks to control Dimpy once she comes back. Dimpy also determines to dominate the entire family. Anuj asks Leela to forgive Dimpy for her mistakes and take care of her. He tells that he is sure Anupama will look after Dimpy. Malti reminds him that Anupama will be leaving for America in a few days, and she won’t take care of Dimpy from there. She asks Anuj to prepare to send off Anupama. Anupama welcomes Samar and Dimpy home. Vanraj stops Kavya from leaving and wants her to stay back with the family. Leela opposes Vanraj and asks Kavya to leave. Vanraj discloses that Kavya is pregnant and needs his care. Anuj gets suspicious about Malti. What secret is Malti hiding from Anuj and Anupama? Stay tuned



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