A major twist in YRKKH End of Abhinav. Kairav and Muskaan’s wedding track will begin. Abhinav, Akshara, and Abhimanyu perform the Tulsi puja and keep a flower. Abhinav thanks Abhimanyu and tells that he got his first earnings from Abhimanyu in Udaipur and in Kasauli also. He finds it auspicious. He tells that they may try to get separated, but fate has tied them together in one string. Akshara knows the relationships are tangled. She prays that the relationships get sorted and never break. Abhinav’s flower falls off the Tulsi plant. Will Abhinav get away from Akshara and Abhimanyu’s lives? Keep reading for more news and spoilers on your favorite show.

Pandya Store:

Arushi gets her baraat to the Pandya house and announces her marriage with Shiva. She does a huge drama and tries to make the Pandya family against Dhara. She tells Suman that Dhara has given her shagun and wants her to marry Shiva. She shows the shagun to Suman. She tells Dhara that she will enter the house at any cost. She lies that Dhara has made her promise to hand over her baby to her. She tells that Dhara has her benefit behind the marriage decision. Suman gets disappointed. She tells that Arushi is a liar, and Dhara is true. She supports Dhara. She insults Arushi and Malti

Arushi thinks to cut off Dhara’s pillars of support. Dhara stands stunned and doesn’t say anything. Arushi creates a huge drama. Shweta has a change of heart. She feels bad for Dhara and Pandyas. She develops affection for the Pandya family. Arushi tells that she will marry Shiva at any cost. She challenges Dhara. Malti reaches there to take Arushi with her. Arushi unveils Malti’s face and identity to the people and drags the drama further. She isn’t affected by seeing Malti’s humiliation. Will the Pandyas believe Dhara and discard Arushi’s convincing stories? Stay tuned


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