The magical moment in Anupama stuns the fans. Anupama gets decked up for her performance. She gives a brilliant performance and impresses Malti Devi. Anuj witnesses Anupama’s performance after a long time and is deeply in awe. He falls for Anupama once again. Kanta and Bhavesh see Anupama in news. They get busy with their work. Maya rages seeing Anupama. Leela and Kinjal see Anupama on the live news channel. Leela admires Anupama. She tells that Anupama is going, but Kinjal is with her. Kinjal hugs Leela. She tells that they will record the program and see it in leisure. Leela calls her the best. Dimpy fumes in jealousy. Maya reaches Gurukul. She is in shock to see Anuj there. Anuj saves Anupama from a hurtful fall. Malti is surprised to see Anuj on stage. Maya breaks a mirror in anger.

Anuj shouts at Maya and asks her to stop her madness. Maya creates havoc and accuses Anuj of growing mad. She asks him why did he come to meet Anupama. She confesses her love to him. She tells that he is just of her. She hates Anupama. She pushes Anuj in a fit of rage. She runs to Anupama. Leela asks Vanraj about Kavya. Vanraj tells that Kavya will come soon. Leela tells that they will watch Anupama’s dance program together. Dimpy spills some water on Pakhi unknowingly. Pakhi initiates an argument with Dimpy. Barkha tells Adhik that Maya has left in a rage. She doesn’t want Maya to cause problems for her. Maya asks Anupama to go anywhere and die, but not come between Anuj and her. She blames Anupama for ruining their happiness. Anuj calls it enough

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He tells that she should stop her drama right away. He warns her. Maya asks him what is he doing with Anupama. She asks them not to fool her by acting as friends. Maya ruins the event. Malti asks Anuj to take Maya out immediately. She wants the drama to get over. The media records Maya and Anupama’s clash. Maya asks why is Anupama lucky to get everything. She pleads with Anupama for her happiness. She begs her to leave Anuj and Anu’s lives. Nakul enjoys the drama.

He asks Malti if she feels Anupama can go to the US. Anuj drags Maya from there. Anupama thinks it’s not Anuj’s mistake to come there, she is glad but Maya should have not come. Maya asks Anupama to leave and never come back. Malti sends the media away. Anupama apologizes to her. Malti asks her to not insult the Gurukul’s responsibility by stepping back. She asks her to focus on her decision. Anupama breaks down by Maya’s blunder.


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