Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2023 kundali bhagya upcoming story g. Rajveer and Palki get to see each other from a distance and feel upset. Mahi asks Palki what’s going on and isn’t she happy. Palki tells that it’s nothing like that, she wants to sleep early because it’s a big day. Gurpreet and Mohit question Rajveer about Palki and his relationship. They find him much upset after hearing the news of her wedding. Rajveer dismisses the matter and tells that he is happy for Palki. Gurpreet asks him to sleep. Rajveer and Palki continue to think of each other. The next day, everyone gets decked up for the engagement and marriage function. Rajveer tells Gurpreet that he will go and help Palki’s family with the arrangements. Gurpreet asks Mohit to learn this from Rajveer.

Mohit gets jealous and tells him that Rajveer is giving him good competition. Preeta tells Gurpreet that she is also ready to go and help Palki. Gurpreet and Daljeet praise Preeta’s beauty. Preeta tells that they will visit the temple first and then prepare for the function. Daljeet and Preeta leave for the temple. Rajveer heads to Palki’s house and serves cold drinks to the guests. Khurana praises Rajveer who has become a part of the family. Rajveer helps Mahi. She tells that he is so handsome and nice that any girl would fall in love with him. Rajveer gets to see Palki getting ready for her engagement.

He is stunned by her mesmerizing simplicity. Palki gets to see him. He tells that he has come to fix the garlands. Her earring falls off. He rushes to help her and makes her wear the earring. They land into a romantic moment. Their eyelock breaks when Gurpreet comes in to call Palki. Rajveer makes a leave from there stating that he has other work. Gurpreet finds Palki upset with Rajveer’s leaving.

Palki doesn’t tell anything to Gurpreet. Rajveer is also upset with the happenings. On the other hand, Shaurya wakes up by an alarm. He tells that it’s Palki’s engagement. He plays music in joy saying the morning is going to be good. Shaurya gets a friend’s call. He tells that he won’t meet anyone today because he is very busy. He wants to meet only Palki to break her marriage. Daljeet and Preeta meet the pandit at the temple. Preeta asks him to pray for Palki that the best happens in her life. Pandit tells that Preeta comes to the temple every day, and she will also get a positive thing happening in her life. She doesn’t see Rakhi coming there. Rakhi misses seeing Preeta.

Gurpreet tells Khurana that Palki looked very upset. Mahi tells that Palki is upset and worried for some reason. Gurpreet tells that Palki is feeling incomplete and lonely. She thinks Rajveer is the reason. Mahi finds chances to flirt with Rajveer. She wishes that he loves her someday. He thinks of meeting Palki to help her. Rakhi prays for Preeta who didn’t go away from her life. She turns and sees Preeta in front of her eyes. Preeta leaves from there. Rakhi looks for her. She asks the people about Preeta. She gets no information. She wonders how did Preeta disappear, and does she hate her that she is avoiding her. She tells the pandit that she just saw her Bahu who left them many years ago. She tells that her Bahu is alive. She doesn’t take Preeta’s name, which could have easily solved her confusion.

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