Kundali Bhagya Preeran meet promo 28th April 2023 Written Update. Palki asks Rajveer why did he make her wear the ring. He replies that the ring suits her. She tells that he can’t do this because they got engaged now. He asks what is she saying. She tells that only a would-be husband can make the girl wear the ring on the ring finger, her alliance is fixed with Ketan and now she can’t marry Rajveer. Rajveer is amazed to hear that. He tells that he didn’t mean that. He tells that he isn’t coming between Palki and Ketan. Palki believes that her engagement happened with Rajveer, because of the ring exchange. He asks Palki to forgive him.

On the other hand, Karan leaves the temple while looking for Preeta. Preeta comes in front of the car. Karan asks the driver to watch out. Preeta gets hit. She falls on the road. Karan rushes to her but doesn’t see her face. He lifts her in his arms and takes her to the car

Her face gets covered by her dupatta. They get struck by a series of coincidences, but they don’t get to meet. Karan gets Preeta admitted to the hospital. Preeta gets treated for her wound. She finds herself in the hospital when she gains consciousness. He goes to meet her. They aren’t aware of each other. Their love gets another chance by fate. Karan wants to ask Preeta if she is okay. The hospital staff lady asks him to pay the bill first and then meet the patient. He tells that he will pay the bill and won’t run away. He adds that everyone knows him in the hospital. He introduces himself as the Karan Luthra. Preeta overhears him and wonders if she knows him. Keep reading for a full written update.

Kundali Bhagya Preeran meet promo 28th April 2023 Written Update

Karan returns home with Bani and Kareena. Nidhi asks him why didn’t he go to the office. They tell Nidhi that Karan had entered the temple. Karan tells that it’s not a big deal. Kareena calls it a miracle. Karan recalls Preeta. He doesn’t tell them because he doesn’t know it himself. He tells that he will leave for the office now. He collides with Nidhi and gets the juice drink spilled over his clothes. He goes to change his clothes. He thinks the day is really strange. Nidhi tells that they have to go to the award function at night. He tells that he will attend the important meeting and come to the venue directly

Palki hides the ring. Rajveer takes her aside. Mahi asks Palki about good jewelry design. She asks Ketan to help. Palki tries to remove the ring and hurts her hand. Mahi tells that she will try the jewelry. Ketan looks for Palki. Mahi asks for the price of the necklace. She goes to buy a cheaper necklace. Shaurya comes there. Karan asks the driver to drive well. Driver tells that people find Karan rude since Preeta left his life. Karan asks him not to talk about this topic. The driver apologizes to him. Karan scolds him. Preeta gets hit by the car and falls. Karan gets worried. Shaurya tells Sanju that he will never forget Palki. Mahi gets glad to see him. She wants to meet him once.

Shaurya asks the manager about Palki. The manager tells that he has no idea. The people get angry with Karan and his driver. Karan tells that he will take Preeta to the city hospital. He gets into an argument with the people. A lady tells that she will come along to make sure that Karan doesn’t flee. Palki asks Rajveer why did he make her wear the ring, they got engaged now when her relationship is fixed with Ketan. He asks her to calm down. He clears that he doesn’t want to marry her. She asks why doesn’t he want to marry her. He tells that she just said her marriage is fixed with Ketan. She asks if he would marry her if her marriage wasn’t fixed with Ketan. He tells yes. She tells that she would have not married him. He asks why.

She tells that she has to focus on her career. He asks her why is she marrying Ketan. She tells that she can’t back out because Daljeet selected Ketan for her a year ago. He asks why did she agree. She tells that their parents have a right to their lives. She values her mother a lot. She tells that a mother can do anything for a child and a child can do anything for his mother. He tells that he is feeling the same thing. The salesgirl Meena shows the ring and necklace to Palki and asks her to try it. Rajveer asks Palki to tell Ketan that she likes the ring. She tells that Ketan rejected the ring already. He tells that he liked it. She replies that she also liked it

He tells that he will get some cream that will ease her out in removing the ring. He adds that he will check the trial room first and verify if it’s safe. He tells that these days, people put up cameras in the trial room. He checks the room and asks her to go now. Karan calls the doctor. He asks the lady to wait. Driver tells that it’s his mistake, Karan isn’t at fault, he loves his late wife a lot and he got upset on hearing about her. Karan asks the ward boy to get a stretcher. Shaurya asks Meena about Palki. Mena tells that she has seen Palki. Shaurya argues with her.

He asks where is Palki. Meena tells that Palki has gone to the trial room. Shaurya tells Sanju that he will make a direct attack because he dislikes Palki. He collides with Ketan. Ketan apologizes. Mahi sees Shaurya and Ketan arguing. She thinks to meet Shaurya later. Karan tells that lady that stretchers aren’t free and he has to take Preeta inside. He lifts her in his arms and takes her. the dupatta flies over her face and conceals it

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