Kundali Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Update Fire twist. Shaurya finds Rajveer up to something. He asks Rajveer what is he doing there. Rajveer drops the wire and lies that he has come to take the glasses. Shaurya asks him to enjoy his work. He drops a glass and spills the drink over Rajveer’s clothes. He asks Rajveer to go and change his clothes. He makes fun of Rajveer. He goes for his launch event. Mahesh likes the arrangements. He tells Rishabh that he is sure of Shaurya’s success. Rishabh is happy that Shaurya is ahead of Karan in terms of fame and success. Mahesh tells Rishabh and Kritika that Rakhi, Kareena, and Bani have seen Preeta at the party. Rishabh asks why are they so worried.

He goes to ask them about the matter. He tries to ask Rakhi. Kareena asks Kritika not to trouble Rakhi, and they will talk about it later. She tells that everyone has a good heart in their house, but she is ashamed of some wrong acts that happened in their house. She tells that she can’t even tell them what happened. Rishabh asks her to tell him the matter so that he can help. Shaurya meets the reporters and tells about his promising music company. He tells that they will start the launch once Karan comes. Rajveer also awaits Karan so that Shaurya gets punished soon. Preeta gets stuck in the room. She realizes that something is burning.

She looks around. Karan reaches the servant quarter and finds it burning. He shouts to alert Preeta. Preeta gets the memories of Karan. She turns dizzy and faints there. Karan asks her if she can hear his voice. He runs to get help. Rishabh calls him. He tells that Karan is nowhere and he isn’t answering. Shaurya tells that he has to reveal the logo of his music company. He decides to not wait further. He goes on stage and tells everyone that the logo is going to get revealed, and it’s very special. He sees Palki and gets distracted. Shaurya reveals the logo. Nidhi hugs him. She tells that she is elated and proud of her son.

The family cheers for Shaurya. Rajveer asks the reporter to ask a few questions to Shaurya. Palki reaches him and asks him what is he planning. He asks her to wait and watch. The reporters question Shaurya. They ask him to stand near the mic and answer aloud. Shaurya tells that he is very happy and thanks them for joining him. He holds the mic and gets electrocuted. Shaurya falls. The family is hugely shocked and rushes to save him. Rajveer takes Palki away. She asks him how can he do such a bad thing, Shaurya’s life could have fallen in danger and he has done too wrong. Rajveer tells that he did wrong with the wrong person. He doesn’t think he did anything wrong. He wanted to tell Shaurya that one has to pay for his mistakes. He can’t let Shaurya do wrong with Palki or anyone.

She asks him not to decide about punishing Shaurya. She tells them that it’s not his family and he shouldn’t care how Shaurya deals with them. She apologizes to him. He tells that he is okay. Rajveer tells that Rakhi is Shaurya’s Dadi, she is lovely and deserves respect. He asks how can Shaurya disrespect elders. She tells that they can’t reform Shaurya. He asks her to go home and stay safe. She tells that she will go outside and wait for him. She asks him to find Preeta and get her. Karan shouts for help. He sees Preeta fall inside the fire. He calls out to Preeta. Preeta wakes up and thinks about who is calling her



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