Kundali Bhagya 4th June 2023 Written Update Preeran meet. Shaurya meets his friends and gets busy talking to them. He asks them to enjoy their lives. Sania tells him that she wants to get pictures clicked in his launch party and get famous. Shaurya is already super famous. He tells that he has a lot of talent. He asks Sandy about his favorite guitar. He tells that he will play the music only using his favorite guitar. Rajveer overhears about Shaurya’s lucky guitar and thinks to take his revenge by damaging the guitar. Rishabh compliments Kareena. He tells that she can come and attend the guests if she is ready. Kritika jokes on Kareena. Rishabh asks them to take their time and come. Kareena tells that she is his Bua and knows him well, he is still kiddish and she loves him as her child. He hugs her. She pulls his ears

Kritika laughs at him. He asks her not to enjoy their fight. Kritika reminds that Karan and he also laughed when she got scolded. He asks them to rush else Shaurya will get upset. Kareena tells that Shaurya doesn’t care for their presence or absence. Shaurya teases Rajveer by taking his phone. Rajveer asks for his phone. On the other hand, Karan is stunned to see Preeta in his house. She looks for Rajveer and goes away. Karan still thinks if he is hallucinating. He doesn’t find Preeta around. Rajveer asks Shaurya to return his phone. Shaurya asks him if he is missing Palki. He jokes about Palki’s broken marriage.

He asks Rajveer to take the phone back and call Palki. He tells that if Karan praises someone else in front of him, then his dad will be dead for him. Rajveer feels bad to hear the nonsense about Karan and scolds Shaurya. Shaurya questions his motives. Rajveer tells that he has come to see Shaurya’s success and cheer for him. Shaurya can’t believe that Rajveer is happy for him. Rajveer tells that he will not tell the truth. He confronts Shaurya. Shaurya tells that he liked to ruin Palki’s wedding. He tells that he also felt sad for Palki. Rajveer knows it was Shaurya’s conspiracy. He tells that one mistake can ruin him. Shaurya feels bad that Rajveer can’t do anything against him. Rajveer warns him to control his actions

Kundali Bhagya 4th June 2023 Written Update Preeran meet

Shaurya questions him again. Rajveer tells that everyone will remember the memorable party. He asks Shaurya to wait and watch the drama. He lies that he has come to earn extra income. He goes away. Shaurya knows Rajveer has come to do something against him. He tells that he knows how to treat a servant. He goes to trouble Rajveer. Rajveer hears Sandy taunting him. Shaurya reaches the stage and performs on a song to begin the music company launch event. Rajveer also joins Shaurya on the stage and gives him a tough competition. The Luthras applaud for their dance face-off. Palki lands at the Luthra mansion and looks for Rajveer. She gets to see Shaurya, and hides from him

Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Drama finale

Shaurya suspects someone is around and asks Rajveer is it him playing hide and seek. Palki’s dupatta gets stuck in his coat sleeve. She worriedly goes after him and frees the dupatta, without coming into his sight. She thinks to find Rajveer. The reporters talk to Mahesh and Rishabh. They question about Shaurya’s huge success and his involvement in the business. Mahesh and Rishabh are very happy for Shaurya, who has earned name and fame on his own. Rakhi looks for Rajveer, and her heart says that Preeta is also around. She wishes Preeta comes to her. She tells Bani that Preeta is close and they can meet her.

Bani and Kareena don’t believe Rakhi. Rakhi is hopeful that the fate will bring Preeta home. She goes to look for Preeta. Bani and Kareena worry that Rakhi will fall unwell if this matter gets long. They don’t want Rakhi to share the matter with Karan. They find Rajveer fixing the lights. They get glad and say that Rajveer is just like Karan.


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