Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Drama finale

Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Drama finale . Daljeet scolds Palki for ruining the family name. She tells how much Khurana used to trust Palki, and how she had broken his trust. Palki is innocent but failed to come clean in front of Daljeet. Daljeet objects to Palki’s friendship with Rajveer. Preeta asks Daljeet not to hurt Palki’s feelings by suspecting her character. Daljeet loses her cool and speaks bitter things that break Palki’s heart. Rajveer gets Ketan and his family back to the house and tells them that he isn’t done yet. He wants to prove Palki innocent. He tells that if Ketan leaves Palki in the mandap and walks out by blaming her, then Palki will get to hear the taunts all her life. He doesn’t want Palki to fall in anyone’s eyes when she is innocent.

Rajveer smartly attempts to prove Palki’s innocence, when Ketan gives him ten minutes to prove whatever he wants to. Ketan asks Rajveer to explain to them his relationship with Palki. He tells that Rajveer shouldn’t lose time and just prove their truth. Rajveer takes Satish’s help and proves Palki’s truth. Later, Rajveer calls up Shaurya and tells him that he will not spare him for defaming Palki. He wants revenge and swears to make Shaurya cry. Shaurya isn’t scared of Rajveer. Rajveer clears Palki’s name and is glad that her marriage didn’t happen with an unworthy person.

Kundali Bhagya 30th May 2023 Drama finale

He asks Palki to think of her life, career, and dreams, rather than sobbing over the broken marriage. Palki thanks Rajveer for being her true friend and big support. She tells him that he has always been there as a silent support for her, and never stepped back from helping her. She feels blessed and very lucky to have Rajveer as a friend. Rajveer and Palki treasure their friendship. They value each other and their relationship, though they don’t admit their love because of the turnout of events

Kundali Bhagya 20th May 2023 kundali bhagya upcoming story


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