Kundali Bhagya 23 March 2023 New Episode

Kundali Bhagya 23March 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s truth Shrishti feels bad seeing Rajveer cry for Preeta. She knows he is deeply upset because his heart knows his real relationship with Preeta. Rajveer tells that he can’t see Preeta in pain, she is his Maasi and just like his mother. He loves her a lot. He suggests that he can sense her pain. He feels hurt in his heart to see her in so much pain. He feels whoever has hurt Preeta is stone-hearted. He says that he will not spare those who had hurt Preeta. She lectures him against going on the wrong path, even if he wants to seek justice.

Shrishti tells her that she doesn’t think she should hide the truth from Rajveer for long. She asks Preeta if she should tell the truth to Rajveer that Preeta is his mother, not his Maasi. Shrishti holds Preeta’s hand and weeps, saying she doesn’t want to keep Rajveer away from the truth. Rajveer is standing behind Shrishti and hears everything. He appears shocked.

On the other hand, Nidhi and Karan’s relationship irks Rakhi. Rakhi doesn’t find Nidhi fitting well in the family as a good Bahu and a good wife. She doesn’t want Nidhi in Karan’s life and wishes that Preeta was alive to make their house a happy home again. Rakhi prays for her family’s happiness, which was lost after Preeta’s leaving. Will Rajveer learn the truth that Preeta is his mother? Will Shrishti tell him the past related to Luthras? Keep reading.

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