Kundali Bhagya 16th June 2023 Written Update Palki accuses Shaurya. Shaurya and Rajveer get against each other. They are brothers but have become enemies. Shaurya wants Rajveer’s arrest. Luthras stop their fight. Palki tells that she will also file a complaint against Shaurya if he dares to frame Rajveer and files a false complaint against Rajveer. She tells that Shaurya had kidnapped her and she wants him to get punished. Nidhi encourages Shaurya. She tells the family that they shouldn’t blame Shaurya. She distracts them and doesn’t want them to see Preeta. She wants them to stay engaged in Shaurya and Rajveer’s fight. She wants her goon to kill Preeta until the family reaches her. Mahesh and Rakhi find Rajveer very similar to Karan but don’t identify him. The drama gets dragged

1 Huge twist in Bhagya Lakshmi changes the track

Palki gets stern to get Shaurya punished. Shaurya tells that he is ready to go to the police station and file an official complaint against Rajveer. Palki tells that she will not spare Shaurya for his actions. She wants to take legal action against Shaurya. She asks Luthras to do justice to her. The family is shocked at the dispute, which got never-ending. They try to find a middle way to solve Rajveer and Shaurya’s fight. Keep reading for a written update on Kundali Bhagya 16th June 2023.


Sona supports the truth. She gets on Maitree’s side. She knows Kaamna’s evil intentions. She wants Harsh and Maitree’s happiness. Harsh blindly believes his mother. He misunderstands Maitree. Maitree and Sona make a plan to expose the truth about Harsh’s mother in front of everyone.

Kundali Bhagya 16th June 2023 Written Update Palki accuses Shaurya:

Shaurya condemns the family for insulting him in front of outsiders. Rakhi tells that they can never insult him. Mahesh asks Shaurya not to misbehave with Rakhi. Nidhi argues with them and defends her son. Rajveer tells that they will calm down for the sake of Mahesh’s health. Shaurya tells that Rajveer can’t become a family member by acting sweet. Rishabh asks Mahesh to go and take some rest. Mahesh wants to take a decision. Rakhi asks Inspector to arrest her and take her away from her house. She gets fed up. She asks Mahesh to take care of himself because he already suffered a heart attack. Rajveer promises to tell the truth and not fight with Shaurya.

Mahesh asks Rajveer to tell him all the details. He goes to take his medicines. The goon catches one of the firefighters to defend himself. Nidhi wants confirmation from the goon about Preeta. She calls him. Kareena informs Rishabh that she gave medicines to Mahesh and he will sleep for some time. She asks Rajveer what truth he wanted to tell them. Palki meets them and asks them if everything is okay. Shaurya tells that everything is amazing because of her. Rajveer stops him. Inspector asks them if they are fighting for a girl. Sandy tells that Palki is the root of all the problems. He asserts that Rajveer has done wrong to Shaurya. Palki defends Rajveer. She tells that Shaurya knows the truth, how everything started, and who is wrong. Shaurya tells the inspector that Mahesh wanted to know the truth.

He asks Inspector to arrest Rajveer and take him away. Palki tells that she will also file a legal complaint against Shaurya, she was kidnapped by Shaurya’s goons, she was tied up and held captive in a room, just a night before her marriage. She exposes Shaurya’s evil deed. The goon flees. The firefighter runs to call Palki for help. He thinks if Nidhi had sent the goon to kill Preeta. Karan wakes up when his hand suffers a burn. He sees Preeta and kneels towards her. Rakhi tells Palki that it’s a big blame on Shaurya. Nidhi defends her son once again. She asks the family to support Shaurya.

Rishabh tells that they just want to know the truth and also sort the issues between Rajveer and Shaurya. Nidhi insults Rajveer. She asks if he is doing this drama to get money. Rajveer tells that he doesn’t value money. She tells that he wants money and she knows his motives well. Rajveer tells that money is the root of all the problems. He asks them to trust him, he doesn’t want any money, he can have much money if he wants, but he has no interest. He tells them to see Shaurya’s true face. He tells that he met Shaurya on the highway, when Shaurya had hit the bus and caused a big accident

1 Huge twist in Bhagya Lakshmi changes the track

He reveals that his Maasi could have almost died, she got much injured and he can’t tolerate her pain. He tells that he got Shaurya arrested for the crime, but the latter got released. Shaurya asks why did he ruin his music launch party. Rajveer tells that Shaurya doesn’t deserve his freedom. He complains about Shaurya, who tried to do his accident. Shaurya asks him not to lie. Rajveer tells that Palki is very important to him. He doesn’t want to hear anything against Palki. He tells them that Shaurya barged into Palki’s wedding and broke it, he had defamed her and her family. He reminds Rakhi that she met Palki and blessed her. Shaurya lies and tells that he has said the truth.

Palki tells that Shaurya had plotted everything and ruined her name. She adds that Shaurya was angry on her and created problems in Rajveer and her lives. She asks is it right that he insulted her family. The firefighter reaches there and tells that a goon has taken a disguise and he is going to do something wrong. Nidhi grows tense. The goon calls Nidhi. She doesn’t answer the call. The firefighter tells the police about the goon, who had escaped. He asks Palki to save his team member. The goon calls Nidhi again. She rejects his call. The goon angrily tells that he will not do her work. He spares Preeta’s life.


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