Kundali Bhagya 13th June 2023 Written Update Rajveer’s arrest. Rishabh tells the inspector that the event manager made a big blunder. The event manager tells that he is guilty to hire Rajveer for work, but Rajveer has come to help him and handled the work. He adds that Rajveer has lied to him and plotted the conspiracy. He apologizes to him. Shaurya doesn’t want to forgive him. He tells that he could have died because of the event manager’s mistake. Rakhi tells Rishabh that Rajveer isn’t in the guestroom. He asks if Rajveer has run away. Shaurya tells that Rajveer had attempted to murder him. He files a case against Rajveer right away. Palki worries for Rajveer. She goes to get help. Rajveer reaches the door and calls her out. He jumps out of the fire. He looks for Palki. Rakhi tells Shaurya that Rajveer didn’t wish to kill him.

Shaurya is upset that Rishabh and Rakhi defend Rajveer. Rishabh tells that the family loves Shaurya a lot. Shaurya doesn’t feel their love and concern. He asks how did Rajveer run away from a locked room. He blames them for assisting Rajveer to escape. Rishabh laughs at his foolishness. He tells that Shaurya is just like Karan. He knows Shaurya wants their love and attention. He asks Shaurya not to vent anger on them. He wants the police to handle the situation. Rajveer comes there and finds the police waiting for him. He wants to keep Preeta away from them. He doesn’t tell them about her. Shaurya asks the inspector to catch Rajveer. Rajveer runs away.

Shaurya tells that he will not spare him. Mahesh gets certain that Rajveer tried to kill Shaurya. Kareena asks Rishabh to stop Rajveer or Shaurya. Mahesh tells that they have to stop Rajveer. He doesn’t expect maturity from Shaurya. Rishabh asks Rakhi to explain Rajveer and Shaurya. Bani wants to support Shaurya. Rajveer gets arrested. He tells the inspector that his mum is caught in the fire. Inspector doesn’t believe him. Rajveer tells that he can’t leave his mum in trouble. He runs once again. Shaurya stops him. Rajveer grows worried when Shaurya catches him. Shaurya asks the inspector to take Rajveer away. Nidhi asks the servant what is happening

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Rishabh tells that he doesn’t understand what to do. He doesn’t trust Rajveer. He asks the family not to worry. Palki reaches the family. Rakhi asks her how did she come and if is she okay. Preeta and Karan are still lying in the middle of the fire. Shaurya asks Rajveer to forget his important work. He wishes to see Rajveer behind bars. Rajveer raises his hand at him. Nidhi stops Rajveer. Shaurya thanks Nidhi for supporting him. Nidhi scolds Rajveer. Rishabh tells her that both Rajveer and Shaurya are wrong. She asks the inspector to take Rajveer. Mahesh asks Rakhi about Palki. Rakhi introduces Palki to them. She wants to help Palki and aid her.

Palki tells that she doesn’t need the aid. Rakhi does the aid to her hand. Palki apologizes to Rakhi. She tells that she has come to inform them. Sandy taunts her for coming after attempting to harm Shaurya. He tells that she has come to help Rajveer. She tells that she had come after Rajveer to stop him because she was afraid of Rajveer and Shaurya’s fight. She informs them about the fire break in the outhouse. Rajveer asks them to call the medical ambulance and arrange help for his Maasi. Nidhi worries that the family will see Preeta. She wishes Preeta dies. Nidhi meets her friend Aarohi. She tells her about the burning outhouse. She is shocked that Preeta is alive. Aarohi asks how did Preeta come back. Nidhi tells that she wishes Preeta dies in that fire. She doesn’t know if Preeta is alive or dead. She fears losing Shaurya to Preeta.


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