Kundali Bhagya 12th June 2023 Written Update News for Rajveer. Palki finds the outhouse burning. She sees Preeta inside, lying unconscious in the middle of the blazing fire. She runs to inform Rajveer. Rajveer asks Palki if is she okay. He tells that Shaurya is looking for her and she should just leave immediately. She isn’t worried for herself but for Preeta. She tells him about Preeta trapped inside the burning outhouse. She tells that she has seen the fire break in the outhouse and Preeta is lying unconscious there. Rajveer is shocked to know that his mother’s life is in danger. Karan makes numerous attempts to save Preeta but fails to get any help from his family. He shouts for help. Rajveer and Palki reach there to rescue Preeta



Imlie urges Atharv to confess love to Chini. The family plays a game at the party. Atharv confesses his love to Chini while seeing Imlie in the mirror. He speaks his feelings for Imlie. Chini is surprised by Atharv’s sweet love confession. She cries out of joy. He thanks Chini for not leaving him alone. He tells that he truly loved Chini. Imlie is hurt. Chini believes Atharv’s every word is for her. Imlie tells him that things are still the same when he claims that everything has changed. He tells that he has confessed his love to Chini. She wants to know the truth. She asks him why didn’t he take Chini’s name when he loves her. She tells that Chini can’t be Kairi’s mother. She asks him to swear on her and tell her about Kairi’s mother.


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