Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2023 kumkum bhagya written update Prachi meets the Inspector. He tells that he suggested Ranbir’s family talk to her and convince her to withdraw the complaint. Prachi remembers Khushi’s words. She tells the inspector that she wants to withdraw her complaint. He asks her if she is sure of her decision. She tells that she is sure and she would like to withdraw the complaint. Inspector agrees to free Ranbir and asks her to sign the papers. Rhea gets to see this and gets delighted. Pallavi asks Ranbir not to worry, Rhea will make everything fine and she will get the best lawyer. Ranbir tells that Prachi is also there and won’t let him get free so easily. Constable frees Ranbir and asks him to go home. Ranbir is surprised and thanks him.

Pallavi thinks Rhea has helped him. Rhea thanks Prachi for her help. Prachi asks her not to say anything because she did this for Khushi’s sake. Pallavi and Ranbir reach there and thank Rhea for helping him. Inspector tells that they should thank Prachi who has withdrawn the complaint. Rhea tells that Prachi has freed him. Ranbir signs the papers. He goes out to see Prachi. Pallavi learns that Prachi has got Ranbir released. Ranbir rushes to meet Prachi. He wants to know her plans. He asks why did she free him from jail. She doesn’t want to answer him. He tells that she helped him and didn’t take his consent.

He asks her to just answer him. She tells him that she has helped him for Khushi’s sake because Khushi wanted his release. Ranbir asks Prachi to come with him. He takes Prachi with him. He drops her home. He asks her to trust him. Prachi’s saree gets stuck in the car door. Ranbir reaches her to help her. Akshay also appears out of nowhere and helps Prachi. He asks Ranbir to be careful else the saree will get torn. Prachi thanks him for supporting her and trusting her. She tells that she got peace because she met Khushi. She taunts Ranbir for always snatching her peace. She tells that she got Khushi only because of Akshay.

Akshay asks her to relax, they had to get Khushi, but he didn’t expect this from Ranbir. Ranbir tells that they shouldn’t talk about their expectations. Prachi and Ranbir get into an argument. She walks away with Akshay. Ranbir gets jealous seeing Akshay with her. Prachi gets upset seeing Ranbir with Rhea. Ranbir fears losing Khushi to Prachi. He wakes up and shouts. Pallavi and Rhea reach him and ask if he has seen any bad dreams. He tells that he saw a nightmare. She asks if the dream was about Khushi. Pallavi asks what he sees. Ranbir tells that Khushi was refusing to go, but Prachi has snatched her from him.

Ranbir starts weeping. Pallavi and Rhea console him. Aaliya returns to their lives. She calls up Rhea and asks her how is she doing. Rhea refuses to talk to her. Aaliya tells that she has called to tell about Ranbir. She adds that she got to know everything about Ranbir and Prachi, Prachi has made a big mistake to go to the orphanage to get Khushi and now it’s a good chance for Rhea to snatch Khushi from Prachi. Rhea asks her not to teach her wrong things. She doesn’t want to win over Prachi, because she is her sister. She adds that she has changed and doesn’t want to snatch anything from Prachi.

Aaliya tells that Ranbir is Rhea’s love, once Rhea loses him, the family will also leave her. She asks her to win over Prachi for the sake of Ranbir. She asks her to use the adoption. Pallavi comes to the kitchen and asks her about the matter. Rhea makes an excuse and runs away. Pallavi wonders whose call was it. Aaliya tells that she yearns for Rhea. She doesn’t want injustice to happen to Rhea.

Aaliya thinks Rhea is her only family and she has nobody else. She wants Rhea to get whatever she wants in her life. She wants to do everything for Rhea, with or without Rhea’s consent in her plan. Prachi meets Akshay in the office. She advises him about his business model. She explains her point of view. She tells that they earn money for their family, good lifestyle, happiness and good future. She gives him good ideas for his project by considering the employee’s well-being and security. She tells that they should start the business with good will and they will get successful. He agrees with her and thanks her for the wonderful idea. Akshay doesn’t want to fire any staff from the company, and suggests the second plan to the company owner as Prachi suggested.

Kumkum Bhagya 7th May 2023 Written Update 

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