Kumkum Bhagya Upcoming News Groom swap twist. Ranbir and Prachi have a dance performance as part of a dream sequence. Akshay and his family watch them. Ranbir confesses love to Prachi. They get emotional. Ranbir fails in stopping Akshay and Prachi’s marriage. He finds Akshay and Prachi married and gets drunk in sorrow. He feels it’s a terrible nightmare. He tells that he had worked hard to stop the marriage, but he has lost. It gets disheartening for him. Vishaka yells at Ranbir and asks him to stay away from Prachi. Ranbir daydreams of Akshay and Prachi’s happy union. Ranbir gears up to win his Prachi back.


Ayaan findsthe proof against Kanika. He gets Kanika arrested. Tanu gets scared. She begs Ayaan and Faltu to rescue her mother. Ayaan tells them that Kanika has done wrong to the family. Tanu gets upset after this nightmare. Kanika tells Tanu that Ayaan can’t cause any harm to her, but she is scared thinking about what evidence he got against her. Ayaan goes to the academy to drop Faltu. He is hugely shocked to see Faltu playing on the field as Shanaya. Tanu sends the reporters to the field to catch Faltu red-handed and ruin her cricket career

Bhagya Lakshmi 15th June 2023 Written Update Final decision

The reporters stop Shanaya and ask her if she is Faltu Mittal and cheating the world. They force her to remove the black mask and show her face. Tanu expects the girl to be Faltu, but she turns out to be Shanaya. She is moved by this sudden swap between Faltu and Shanaya. Ayaan takes Faltu aside and tells that he had replaced her in time, else her cricket career would have got ruined by now. He reprimands her for ruining her career by making such a big move. He asks her why did she do that and who forced her to cheat on her profession, passion, and dreams. Shanaya gets saved by the reporters. Tanu fails in her plans. Ayaan saves the day. Faltu agrees to tell Ayaan the truth about Ruhaan’s threatening move.

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