Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May kumkum bhagya episode Sahana tells Khushi that Prachi loves her a lot. She asks her to understand Prachi’s feelings. She wants Khushi to give her a chance to Prachi to celebrate her birthday. Khushi tells that she wants Ranbir with her. Sahana tells that this can’t happen. Khushi asks her to please call Ranbir home because she wants to celebrate her birthday with both Ranbir and Prachi. Sahana asks her if Ranbir’s coming will make her happy. Khushi tells that she will be very happy if he comes, he won’t refuse to come because he loves her a lot. She asks Sahana to call Ranbir quickly. Sahana asks her to have some patience. Khushi thanks her.

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd May kumkum bhagya episode

Sahana calls Ranbir. He asks her if is everything fine and if is Prachi okay. Sahana tells that everything is okay. He asks how she called. She tells that she wanted to invite him to Khushi’s birthday party at Prachi’s house. He asks her if Prachi is also inviting him. She tells that even Prachi is inviting him. Khushi asks him to get his family along. Ranbir happily agrees on hearing Khushi’s voice. Sahana tells that Ranbir and his family are coming. Khushi thanks her and runs to get ready. Sahana worries that Prachi will not spare her today.l murder Prachi until the police come to arrest him. He tells that nobody can save Prachi now. He sees a magician coming to entertain the kids. He tricks the man and gets his costume. He tells that Prachi will die today. Prachi tells Dadi that she wants the birthday to be special for Khushi. Khushi and the kids are entertained by the magician. She asks Prachi for her cake. Prachi tells that she has got a special cake for her and hugs her. Dadi and Sahana get happy seeing Khushi and Prachi. Sahana fears Prachi’s reaction when Ranbir and his family come home.

She tells Dadi that she has invited Ranbir and Kohlis for Khushi’s sake. Dadi tells that Prachi will get angry seeing Ranbir. Balbeer takes the disguise and reaches the party. Ranbir and his family also arrive. Rhea comes home and doesn’t find anyone there. She calls Pallavi and asks her where is she. Pallavi tells that they have come to Prachi’s house to celebrate Khushi’s birthday. Rhea asks why didn’t she take her. Pallavi tells that Rhea wasn’t at home, so they left and couldn’t wait because of their excitement to meet Khushi. Rhea feels terrible when she is left out by the Kohlis.

She recalls Aaliya’s words. She hugs Ranbir’s picture and shares her grief. She weeps in loneliness. Dadi and Sahana see the Kohlis. Sahana doesn’t want to die and asks Dadi to hide her from Prachi. Dadi asks why did she take the big responsibility over her head. Balbeer reaches Prachi with a knife in hand to stab her. At the same time, Ranbir also proceeds to greet Prachi. Ranbir comes in between and foils Balbeer’s move. Rhea reaches Aaliya’s house and asks if she can stay with her tonight. She tells that she wanted to spend some time with her. Aaliya asks her to come anytime and be with her. She tells that she is always there. She brainwashes Rhea against Ranbir and Kohlis. Kohlis meet Khushi and bless her.

Meera finds Ranbir with Khushi and asks Prachi why did she invite him. Prachi sees Sahana. Sahana rushes away to get saved from Prachi. Prachi catches Sahana and scolds her for inviting Kohlis. Sahana tells that Khushi refused to celebrate her birthday without Ranbir. Prachi collides with Ranbir. He thanks her for inviting him. Khushi tells Sahana that she wants to ask him something about Shiv and Parvati. She asks why Ranbir and Prachi get separated. Sahana tells that the situation was bad and drew them apart. Khushi asks who can she trust in uniting Ranbir and Prachi. Sahana asks her not to trust anyone. She tells that they will celebrate her birthday first and then talk to her parents. Khushi doesn’t think they are sensible.

Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2023 kumkum bhagya written update

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