Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update Prachi loves Ranbir. Prachi imagines Ranbir with her. He tells her that he loves her a lot and she knows it. He adds that he will not let her go to anyone else. She tells that even she doesn’t want to go. He asks why is she doing this. She tells that she has done this to know how much he loves her. Ranbir tells that he doesn’t need to tell her how much he loves her. They share a hug, and Akshay happens to come there. Prachi’s dream breaks. Sahana advises Prachi to follow her heart and refuse the marriage with Akshay. Prachi loves Ranbir and isn’t able to forget him. What will be Prachi’s decision? Keep reading for a full update on Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2023.

Radha Mohan

Mohan stands on one foot and prays for Radha. He asks Kanha to help him. A rat reaches Radha and leaves a hint for Mohan to follow the path. Damini doesn’t let Mohan see Radha in the cold storage and misleads him. She takes him away from Radha. She tells him that Radha would be somewhere needing his help. Mohan rushes to find Radha. Mohan gets in pain while performing the special prayer for Radha. His wound bleeds and his family worries for him. Damini wants Mohan’s well-being and worries for him. Mohan is determined to find Radha. Will Mohan reach Radha in time? Stay tuned.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update Prachi loves Ranbir

Prachi asks Ranbir where was he. He tells that it doesn’t matter, and what matters is that he is with her right now. They get emotional. He wipes her tears. He tells that he knew she will wait for him. She hugs him. She asks him why did he not come before. He tells that he loves her a lot and she knows he won’t let her go to anyone else. She tells that she wants the same. He asks her if she wants him to give her importance. She tells that she wanted to see how much he loves her. He asks if he needs to tell her and if she is testing him. She tells that she knows he loves her, but she wants to hear it from him. She is shocked to realize that she is just imagining him. She grows restless and looks around. Akshay arrives there and asks her what’s the matter. Prachi takes Ranbir’s name. He asks what about Ranbir


Ranbir steps down the van and gets an electric shock. He gets back into the van. He tells that the goons are very clever to trap him and go. He thinks of some way to leave because he has no time and has to rush to stop Prachi’s marriage. He throws the things on the metal mesh to make a way for his escape. He succeeds to leave while bearing a little shock. Akshay asks Prachi if Ranbir has come. She tells that she felt so. He tells that he has seen Ranbir. He calls out Ranbir. He tells that Ranbir isn’t there, and they both have gone mad thinking he is around. He wishes Ranbir attended their marriage. He asks her if she is okay. He tells that she met his family for the first time and that she will soon become a part of his family. He wants her to know everything about his family.

Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2023 Written Update Prachi loves Ranbir

Akshay tells her more about his family. He tells that his mom and Bua have a different equation, and dad always supports Bua. He feels Ashok does it right, because his Bua raised him when his mom left him in his childhood. He respects Vishaka a lot. He asks Prachi to not feel bad of Vishaka’s words. He promises to always support her. He requests her to just adjust a little. Prachi visualizes Ranbir while Akshay goes on explaining about his family. Ranbir and Prachi share a lovely moment. She doesn’t pay attention to Akshay, and goes after Ranbir. Akshay looks for Prachi, and wonders where did she go.

Prachi continues to dream about Ranbir, who makes her away from Akshay. He tells that she shouldn’t marry Akshay, because nobody can separate them. He wants to be with her. She asks what will they do now. He asks her to refuse to Akshay, he is sensitive and he will get heartbroken because he loves her, but she has to tell him. She asks what will happen after she refuses to Akshay. Ranbir tells that they both shall get married again in the same mandap. She gets delighted with the idea. He makes a promise to her. She is overjoyed with the thought of their union. Sahana finds Prachi alone and asks what is she doing.

Prachi tells that she is talking to someone. She gets worried when her dream breaks once again. She tells about Ranbir. Sahana asks where is Ranbir. Prachi tells that Ranbir was talking to her. Sahana asks her to stop imagining Ranbir. Prachi gets upset that Ranbir always leaves her alone. She weeps. Sahana consoles her. Akshay reaches there and finds Prachi crying. He asks them what are they doing outside the house. Sahana makes an excuse to cover up. She takes Prachi with her. Aaliya calls the goon and asks about if he has done the work. She wants to know if Ranbir is with them. The goon tells that Ranbir is with them, and they have come to have food. She asks them to rush and find Ranbir.

The goon tells that Ranbir can never escape, and he will get a current shock if he tries to run away. She asks him to make a video call and show Ranbir. They show her the arrangements they made. She asks the goon to show Ranbir. They are shocked to find Ranbir missing. She scolds the goons for leaving Ranbir to escape. She orders them to catch Ranbir and make sure he doesn’t stop the marriage. Akshay gets thinking about Prachi’s strange behavior. Ashok asks him why is he so worried. He wants Akshay to stay happy. Akshay tells that he is happy, but Prachi isn’t.

Ashok tells that Prachi never wanted to marry, but agreed just for Khushi’s sake. Akshay tells that he knows this and she told it to him, she never hides anything and always expresses her feelings. He tells that Prachi is just imagining her ex-husband and looking for him. He realizes that she loves her ex even now. Ashok tells that they have to face many problems in life, Prachi is scared to remarry because of her past and he should just try to understand her. Akshay explains to him about Prachi’s leaving. Ashok asks him to give some time to Prachi. He wants Akshay to be positive.

Akshay thanks him and calls him a savior. He says I love you to Ashok and hugs him. Sahana gets Prachi to her room and counsels her. She asks Prachi to stop crying and decide about her life. She apologizes that she went to Ranbir’s house to call him, but he didn’t come to stop Prachi’s marriage. She regrets his absence. She accepts her mistake of expecting a lot from him. She wanted Ranbir to come and take Prachi home. Prachi asks her to calm down and stop crying. Sahana feels bad to mislead Prachi about Ranbir. Ranbir reaches Prachi’s house. Aaliya arrives at the same time and attempts to stop him.

She gets back from hitting Ranbir when she sees some guests outside the house. Ranbir rushes inside the house. Aaliya follows him. Abhay sees her and gets suspicious about her. Sahana asks Prachi to come to the mandap. Prachi also gets clear-minded. Sahana asks her to stop thinking of Ranbir. Ranbir finally reaches Prachi and calls her out. She gets amazed to see him



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