Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023 Written Update Prachi’s dilemma. Prachi is in a dilemma about her marriage to Akshay. She tells Akshay that she feels like she is wronging his life. She doesn’t want to go ahead with the marriage, but he tells her that he is her best friend and wants to support her. He wants her to get Khushi. Sahana asks Prachi to wipe her tears and decide about her life. She asks her to decide what she wants from her life. She encourages Prachi to think well. Prachi sits weeping. Sahana wants Khushi to get both of her parents. She also weeps and feels sad. Prachi asks Sahana not to cry. She apologizes for making her cry. Sahana doesn’t want Prachi to marry Akshay.

She feels helpless when she can’t find Ranbir in the house. She had seen Ranbir come but misses to meet him. Ranbir has got kidnapped by Aaliya’s goons. Sahana attempts to change Prachi’s mind. She tells that she felt Ranbir and Prachi are made for each other, but she was wrong. She regrets that he didn’t come. Ranbir is still unconscious and captive by the goons. He isn’t able to reach the mandap and stop the marriage. Prachi assumes that Ranbir has gotten married to Rhea. She proceeds to marry Akshay. Keep reading for a full update on Kumkum Bhagya 7th June 2023.


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