Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2023 Written Update Prachi cued. Ranbir gets kidnapped by Aaliya’s goons. The goons take him away from everyone’s sight. Akshay gets to see Ranbir and tells Ashok that he has just seen Ranbir, but he isn’t sure of it. He asks Ashok to just check if Ranbir has come to be a part of his wedding. Ashok goes to check but doesn’t find Ranbir anywhere. Prachi’s hopes about Ranbir’s entry breaks again. Prachi and Akshay’s wedding rituals begin after Vishaka’s arrival. Vishaka dislikes Prachi and throws tantrums at the function. The goons don’t want anyone to identify Ranbir again and give him a disguise to cover up his identity

Sahana sees a bunch of men at the door, leaving with someone in a wheelchair. She stops them and asks them if they are the decorators. The goon replies with a yes. She asks them to go that side and do the decorations work. She asks them to leave the person aside. She questions them about the person. Ranbir is covered up in a shawl with his face turned to the other side. Prachi sees Ranbir from afar and doesn’t recognize him. She feels his presence and gets restless. Ranbir seems to gain consciousness. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 6th June 2023.

Devika is worried about Atharv and Imlie’s divorce. Rudra overhears her conversation with the lawyer. She informs him about the lawyer preparing the divorce papers. He asks her when did she turn stone-hearted She rebukes him for hiding about Atharv’s survival. He worries for Kairi. She tells that she wants to give a legitimate name to Chini and Atharv’s relationship, just like Rudra wanted to accept Dhairya. Devika wants Atharv and Imlie’s divorce. She hands over the divorce papers to them and leaves them stunned


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