Kumkum Bhagya 26th April 2023 Written Update Twists ahead. Khushi falls asleep. Prachi gets worried and shouts to call the doctor. Ranbir and Akshay ask her is Khushi okay. Prachi tells that Khushi is fainting and she isn’t okay. The doctor checks Khushi and tells her that she is losing her pulse because of internal bleeding. Ranbir and Prachi get worried. They ask Doctor to treat Khushi. Sahana rushes after the nurse and requests her to allow Prachi with Khushi. She asks her not to give any bad news to Prachi, because if anything wrong happens, then Prachi can’t handle herself. She tells that Prachi had lost her daughter, and isn’t able to cope up till now.

She adds that Khushi is very important to Prachi. She says that Prachi remembers Panchi a lot and cries for her. She adds that Panchi’s birthmark was of a moon and star on the foot. The nurse recalls seeing the birthmark but doesn’t tell Sahana. Akshay consoles Prachi. He says that nothing will happen to Khushi. She asks him not to tell anything to her and just go away. She wants to be alone. She cries for Khushi. Rhea and Ranbir see her. Ranbir thinks to scold Prachi to console her. He tells that she will never change. He asks her to stop crying. She asks him not to tell anything to her because this happened because of her. He asks her to vent her anger and accuse him. Akshay tells that it’s not right if Prachi shouts at Ranbir

Ranbir asks Prachi to look at Khushi if her tears are helping Khushi recover. Sahana learns that Khushi needs blood. She asks the nurse not to inform Prachi and tries to get help from blood banks. Pallavi hopes everything is fine. Ranbir tells that everything will get okay. Sahana fears that Prachi will worry a lot. The nurse tells the Doctor that the blood units aren’t arranged. The doctor asks her to arrange it soon. The nurse sees the birthmark on Khushi’s foot and remembers Sahana’s words. The doctor asks Ranbir and everyone if they can donate blood to Khushi. Ranbir says that he can donate blood.

The doctor says that he can’t donate the blood, because he already had much bleeding after the injury. Ranbir insists and goes to donate the blood to Khushi. Prachi gets Laali’s call. Pallavi asks Prachi not to feel guilty and tell the truth to Khushi. Prachi takes Laali’s call and apologizes for not calling her before Laali asks her about Khushi. Prachi tells that Khushi isn’t fine. Laali refuses to help her further. Laali disconnects her call. Prachi calls her again. Laali lies that she can’t hear her. Wilson gets angered about getting arrested. He gets into a fight with the jail mate. Wilson gets hurt.

Balbeer is also put up in the same cell. He helps Wilson. He asks the man to back off. Balbeer also fights the man. Inspector asks them to not fight further. Prachi cries and thinks of Khushi. Akshay reaches Prachi to console her. She apologizes to him for her wrong behavior. He tells that it’s okay. She asks if he is angry at her. He tells that he isn’t angry because he understands her. He adds that it’s not easy to manage someone’s loss. She recalls Panchi’s loss. She tells that she didn’t wish to lose once again, she wants to protect Khushi and fulfill her dreams. She feels she has lost. He tells that she is the world’s best mom and her child will be very lucky. He calls her a strong woman who will never lose in life. He tells that he is with her. Ranbir watches Akshay and Prachi share a hug. He gets upset.

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