Khanna Claims | Claims that con Man sukkahs Chandrashekhar proposed To Her in Jail On One knee

Chapatti Khanna Claims that con Man sukkahs Chandrashekhar proposed To Her in Jail On One knee
The investigation into the case of suspected cheater Suresh Chandrashekhar has brought up several showbiz names including Actresses Jacqueline Fernandez and Nora Fatehi_Also named are chapatti Khanna- Nikki tambala- Sophia Singh and Arshad Pail,mango pickle retailers
cheat- who recently recorded his statement at Del-s Patiala House Court- said in a recent interview that he was tricked into visiting sukkahs in jail- chapatti said that in May 2018- he received an invitation to participate in a school event in Delhi as a judge-I traveled to Delhi on May 18-2018- At the Mumbai airport- I met a lady named Angel Khan who said she was involved in the event- When we landed in Delhi- we went to school by car- Bout after a while we stopped suddenly and he said we should change the car as it is not allowed in the school premises- Then we moved into a gray Innovate and within seconds I realized that we were outside Thira Jail- When I asked him about this, he said that we had to go to school through the prison premises-

Tajuttuaan olevansa Tiharissa Chana aloe hut jaw physics hanta pysäyttämään autos- mutter hen rauhoitti honest jam enema coin hand humans- he Olivet Teheran vankilassa-roti
I knew I was trapped and started panicking when I thought of my two children who were in Mumbai with my parents. When we got out of the car- we were taken to a room- I remember the room was full of laptops- watches and expensive luxury items- Auer Danica Bear ken branded bags that- time thaw kip koi elk gig data tom sab girt jape- chat Khanna biography in Hindi There was a couch- a portable air conditioner- one chair- a fridge, chute se room men sab Koch bare Hua that- he recalls.chahat khanna biography in hindi
He added- “He was dressed in a gorgeous shirt- sprayed a lot of perfume and was wearing a gold chain- He introduced himself as the owner of a popular South Indian TV channel and the nephew of J Jayalalithaa- He said that he has been arrested in the EVM tampering case during the elections but he was treated like a VIP in jail-He said he was my fan and had watched my TV show Bade Ache Late Hay and wanted to meet me- I was confused and told him “Why would you invite me here? I’d left my six-month-old baby at home and come here thinking it was an event- Then before I knew it, he got down on one knee and said he wanted to marry me- I yelled at him saying-I’m married with two kids – But he said that my husband was not the right man for me and that he would be the father of my children. prasthanam I was so distressed that I started to cry -chef vikas khanna
According to that, he stayed in the jail for about 20 minutes during which time Angel sat on Sachem’s lap- Angel also gave 2 lakh rupees to the shogun and said it was the shogun – We went straight to the airport and the way Angel gave me around 2 lakhs, calling it to shag told me that he liked me – I was quiet because I wanted to go home- At the airport. He also took off the Versace watch he was wearing and gave it to me- calling it a friendship gift from him- We had to spend the night at the airport because the flight was badly delayed- It left around 7 in the morning- he said-khanna hospitality swachh bharat abhiyaan
Soon after returning to Mumbai Chapatti claims he was blackmailed by two unknown people-These two men stopped my sister-in-law on the road and told her that they had footage of me in Thira jail which they would give to a TV- channel if we didn’t pay them 10 lakhs- I started getting calls from an unknown number when I was at my parent’s flat in Vicar– The caller said he got the footage from government officials and was going to hand it over to a TV channel- I was sure Angel was behind this and called him but he Pain stopped me- I asked to give them 3 lakhs for which I borrowed 1 lakh from my father- They asked me to leave the money in Vicar which I did. Till today then I don’t know whom the guys were-

According to Cheat- the series of events affected his marriage-I was helpless- I didn’t want anyone to know that I was in Thira Jail- I was also worried about the effect it would have on his marriage- so I agreed to give them the money- Among other things- it affected my marriage- and my husband and I divorced- Maybe I should have contacted the police and filed a criminal report- But things kept happening and I just wanted to let it go–

Chapatti further said that Suresh called him two or three times from jail- She called me from international numbers and claimed she could call me from any number – including my husband-s! These calls lasted about a minute and he inquired about my children and asked if I needed anything- I would say Thank you very much, but I don’t need anything-The last time he called was in December 2018 when I told him-Don’t to call me- I don’t appreciate this- Well l talk when you get out of jail- We never exchanged messages- A year after the ransom case a woman I knew as an angel unblocked and messaged me- She said she wanted ted to work together-but I stayed away from him- He texted a lot- but I hardly responded—
Chapatti said it was only a year and a half ago when his name came up in the case and he realized that the man he met in Thira jail was Suresh —Chandrasekhar– and the woman who called herself Angel was his assistant Pinky Iran-I have given this information to the officials of Delhi Police-s Economic Offenses Wing and Vigilance Branch and the Patiala House Court- I am sure the authorities have gone through my phone records and verified everything-

Talking about Chandrasekhar-s claim that his relationship with Chapatti and Nikki Tambala was professional and they were supposed to act in his film- Chapatti said-Let he show the messages- I don’t know what professional contract he is talking about- Who will act in the film in jail= Actors in desperado Nain hair Ki hum in jail key nadir avenge producer se Milne-No actor Entertains like this—-

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