Katha Ankahee 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TallyUpdates.com

Katha tells that she and Aditya used to complement each other. He was careful while she loved taking risks. He used to analyze every step while she was blunt on it. Viaan asks where the old risk-taking Katha is. she lost it after finding about Aarav’s cancer, it didn’t give her a chance to take risks. Viaan wonders the memorable past he could have if not for a painful one. He always wanted to know when the pain would stop, soon realized that pain weakens when you stop digging it, after a time all you are left with scars. Katha shows him Japanese Kintsugi art of binding broken pots with gold powder, the philosophy that prevails it is that things get better after being broken. Viaan will soon become a gold man, jokes about him being flowsome. Katha calls it a bad joke. Viaan tells that the risk-taking Katha is back, she is eating pista. Katha knew, realized it in a while, she loved it.

Viaan tells Katha about a story of him being scared of guerilla, according to the traditions he she loved him, and he was engaged to her. Katha laughs at him, Viaan didn’t believe in relationship than so went for a divorce. Viaan sends alumni money to national park every month. Viaan suggests going for a walk to get rid of the calories they gained today.

On the walk nears the sea Viaan tells Katha how much he loves to spare time for these walks otherwise the daily chaos consumes his life. Katha finds happiness in the daily chaos, Katha reminds Viaan about Jeetu. Jeetu still sings his wife a song on daily basis. Viaan considers it pure love because he knows how to live in it. Katha suggests him to move to Jeetu’s house. Viaan adores how he makes his wife feel special and celebrated. Katha thinks that a relation of pure bliss and trust doesn’t need show case. Viaan agrees, every relationship teaches us something new. The old are with their lesion while new one teaches us something new. Katha thinks that sometimes relationships knock at the wrong time, Viaan says that only one hand is required to solve all problems. They hear a song, Viaan vibes to it. Katha tells that it her favorite song, is depicts liv beautifully. Viaan loves the song, brings him back to life. They leave for home. In the car Viaan plays the song

Katha thanks Viaan for dropping her home, she couldn’t count time today. Viaan never realized about time with her. Viaan calls it an excellent day, hopes everyday to be like the walk, slow and happy ending on a good note. Katha reminds him about the Seol project and meeting with Koreans. She leaves afterwards. Katha waves Viaan goodbye from her apartment window.

She looks at the pictures on her wall. Viaan audio messages her asking to drive to office together tomorrow and prepare for Seol meeting. Katha asks him to pick her up.

Next morning, Teji returns from workout. She had a Zumba session, she brought Viaan his favorite cream cone. Viaan didn’t want to cheat but struggles to resist. Teji insists him to eat. Viaan loves it. Teji specially went to that street to get this cream cone, Viaan used to have them in childhood. The childhood photos reminded Teji about the cream cone. Viaan can see the best moments on his past now which he forgot; he wants to live like the better son again. Viaan was Teji support system. Viaan tells that Teji is the center filled cream while he is the crispy cone. Teji laughs.

Aarav wakes up to see Katha and Neerja dancing to a song while making breakfast. She hugs Aarav, he wonders about the special occasion. Neerja thinks that Katha should have stress free days, all of happiness. Aarav doesn’t stress Katha, Neerja may be the culprit here. Aarav blesses Katha to stay happy forever. Katha will not worry; she can borrow happiness from her happiness bank which is Aarav



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