Imlie 20th June 2023 Upcoming Imlie gets trapped. Imlie follows Reyansh to find Atharv. She tells him that the car dickey is open. She checks the dickey and doesn’t find Atharv in his car. He tells that he will ask his friends about Atharv and inform her if he finds anything. She isn’t convinced by his word and suspects that he is lying. She gets hell-bent to find the truth. Rudra tries hard to find Atharv. He tells that he has put his best officers to find Atharv. Devika breaks down. Imlie supports her. She asks Devika not to worry. She promises that she will find Atharv and bring him home. Devika tells that Imlie won’t do anything, because he left five years back because of her. She asks Imlie to just stay away from her son. Imlie tells that Devika must express her emotions clearly.

She is glad that Devika has scolded her with a right. She tells that she is also a defeated mother. She gets much upset. Rudra asks Devika why is she accusing Imlie who isn’t at fault. She warns Devika. Divya defends Devika. Devika doesn’t want to take Imlie’s help, knowing Imlie’s efforts will get futile. She asks Rudra to remember that Atharv is his son and they have to find him. She asks Imlie to get out of her sight. She weeps. Kairi asks about Atharv. Imlie asks Kairi to let Atharv play hide and seek with them

She tells that Atharv is hiding from them and they have to find him. She promises that she will find Atharv at any cost. Imlie goes to some dark place in search of Atharv. She gets to see someone with his identity undisclosed. She thinks Atharv is captive there and rushes to free him. She tells that she has come and now she will take him home. Imlie faces a mysterious enemy, who tells that she has come to save Atharv and fell into his trap. He asks who will come to save her. Imlie realizes the big trap and cries. How will Imlie find Atharv and take him home to keep her promise to Kairi? Stay tuned.


Bhagya Lakshmi 19th June 2023 Written Update Attack on Lakshmi

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