How to became a media buying strategist

How to became a media buying strategist

Education and credentials

A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communications, business, or a similar discipline is a good place to start. You’ll be able to comprehend marketing and consumer behavior ideas if you have a strong educational basis.

Getting Experience in Marketing and Advertising

Look for entry-level jobs or internships in marketing, advertising, or media-related fields. You will gain invaluable industry insights from your practical expertise in these disciplines.

Gain analytical abilities

To make wise decisions, media buying strategists mainly rely on data. Learn how to use tools and processes for data analysis like Excel, Google Analytics, and social media analytics platforms.

Recognize Different Media Platforms and Channels

Acquire knowledge of numerous media platforms and channels, including print, radio, television, outdoor advertising, social media, and more. Recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each platform and how each can connect with various target markets.

Follow media trends to stay current

Keep up with news and developments in the marketing, advertising, and media industries. You’ll be able to stay competitive in your sector if you stay informed on the most recent developments and technologies.

Learning Negotiation Techniques

In order to get the greatest bargains for their clients, media buying strategists frequently bargain with media providers. Improve your negotiating abilities to maximize the benefits of media placements.

Excel in Communication

A media buying strategist must be excellent in communication because they work with clients, media providers, and internal teams. Effective communication of strategy, plans, and results requires strong communication skills.

Budgeting for and planning for media

Recognize the steps involved in media planning, which is deciding which media channels will best reach the intended audience. Learn how to properly allocate funds and build media plans.

Obtain Ad Tech and Programmatic Advertising Experience

Learn about ad tech tools and programmatic ad platforms, which are crucial elements of contemporary media buying. Utilizing technology to automate ad buying decisions is programmatic advertising.

Getting Certified

There are few organizations that offer advertising and media buying-specific certificates. To increase your credibility and show that you are knowledgeable, pursue certifications from renowned organizations.

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