Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 5th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TallyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Resham Pal trying to feed biscuit to his pet dog and says if you don’t eat it then I will give it to Manohar. Manohar says Raju is happy with you. Resham Pal says they value true love. Manohar says you both might have relation of old birth, of a mother and son. Resham Pal asks what to do, shall I pat on your shoulder or hit your back. Raju barks. Resham Pal says Raju wants him to hit on his back. Raju refuses to come out. Manohar asks Raju to come out else Resham Pal will suspend him. Happu comes out in Dog’s clothing and tells the viewers that it is a long story. A fb is shown, Rajjo tells the kids that Happu is a fearful person and used to ask her to wait outside the bathroom, when he goes inside. Happu says no, he is quite daring. He tells them a story and tells that once he had seen a haveli where he saw a woman’s reflection from window to door and then the door opened and the reflection came out from there and a bucket was in between, and was kicked by the woman’s reflection. Just then someone comes there in dark. Everyone gets shocked and switches on the lights. Kamlesh shows his face. Happu scolds him for scaring them. Malaika asks what you have in your hand and finds bread in his hand. Kamlesh says he stole it for the stray dogs and cats. He shows his love for the animals. Malaika says we shall have some pets. Happu says we already have 9. Malaika says Bapu is calling us as pets.

Later Kamlesh comes to Beni and Happu, and asks why they called him. Happu asks why you call Beni as bhaiyya and call me as uncle. Kamlesh asks him to keep thinking. Happu asks why do you talk to my children about pets. Kamlesh says I love them and tells that he likes their loyalty. Beni asks him not to provoke the kids to have pets. Happu gets angry. Beni asks Kamlesh to go. Happu asks Beni not to let anyone know that he is scared of dogs. Beni asks him to bring wine.

Later in the night, Happu gets his childhood memory as dream in which little Happu and beni are playing. They see the stray dog. Happu goes near the dog and keeps his hand on its skin and the dog bites him. He shouts. Happu wakes up shouting and tells Rajjo about it. He says he has problem with Dog. Rajjo asks him not to worry and says she will not let children keep dog as pet. She promises him and asks him to sleep. Happu cries worrying about dogs.

Back to present, Happu as Dog brought to the vet for the injection by Resham Pal, but the vet refuses to give him injection. Resham Pal tries to convince Happu while vet gives him injection. Happu shouts in pain. Doctor tells Resham Pal that he will give the prescription. Happu tells the viewers that he has hit his leg on the axe and says he don’t forget that inauspicious day. Happu reminds Manohar about Bhalla’s encounter.

Happu asks the thief to come out and keeps apple on his head. Resham Pal comes there. Happu says he wants to practice his aim. Resham Pal comes there and tells that he is going out of India and Meenu is also going, so Raju will be alone at home. Happu says Raju can stay in my house. Resham Pal asks him to take him to park so that he gets freshen up. Happu asks if it is a dog. Resham Pal says he is not dog, but doggy. Happu asks him to keep Raju in Manohar’s house and says it will get company of his dog. Resham Pal refuses and asks Happu to keep dog in his house and if there is any problem or of Raju elopes then he has to become raju for him. He goes.



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