GHKPM Satya proposes Sai Virat left stunned. Sai still loves Virat and thinks of her feelings for him. She decides to admit the truth to Satya. Satya falls in love with Sai. He plans a love confession to her. He calls Sai to the hospital by an excuse. Sai informs Virat that she is going to the hospital to see Satya. Virat wonders what happened to Satya suddenly. He knows that something is going on in Sai’s mind. He decides to go to the hospital to meet Sai and find out her feelings. Sai decides to confess her love to Virat but gets stunned with Satya’s love proposal. Sai reaches the hospital and rushes to see Satya.

She finds the cabin decorated with flowers. She sees the special arrangements and looks for Satya. Sai is perplexed. Satya arrives there to clear her doubt. He tells her that he wants to tell her something. He confesses that he has fallen in love with her. Sai gets troubled by an unwanted love proposal once again. Virat reaches there and recalls his love proposal rejected by Sai. He is moved seeing Satya proposing Sai. He waits to hear Sai’s reply to Satya’s proposal. Satya hands over a bouquet to Sai and asks for her answer. What will be Sai’s decision? Keep reading.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:

Samrat offers Nayantara a chance to get back into his life, but she refuses. Kashvi gets to learn about their relationship. Kashvi bashes some guys for their misbehavior. Her actions create a stir in the function. She tells that she will not accept any misbehavior. Arjun and Mahima’s marriage gets on the verge of breaking. Mahima thinks Kashvi is her true sister and fulfilled her wish. She doesn’t want to marry Arjun. Romila records Samrat’s love confession to Nayantara. Samrat hugs Nayantara and they share a moment. Kashvi watches them and confronts them.

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