Doosri Maa 5th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babu ji asking Yashoda to get ready to divide the relations if Krishna returns. She thinks of Ashok and Krishna’s words and leaves. Kamini and Bansal are captive by Ashok’s men. Kamini says they are goons. The guy gives them tea. Ashok asks Alok to call once again and asks the guy to send Varun’s location. The guy says Varun haven’t switched on his phone yet. Ashok says he will switch on his phone for some helplessness. Varun thinks he has to switch on the phone and make a call to party. He asks the child trafficker to come to a certain place. The guy finds Varun’s location and calls Alok and tells him. Suddenly his laptop stops working,. Kamini laughs and says it is not easy to save Krishna from Varun. The guy calls Alok and asks him to make a call to Varun to trace him. Ashok asks Alok not to call Varun else he will be alerted. Alok informs yashoda that he has sent her location. They come to a place, but Krishna is not there. Alok calls Varun. Varun picks the call while taping Krishna’s mouth. Krishna kicks something trying to free himself.

Yashoda and Manoj are on the way to reach there. Alok sends her current location again. Ashok and Alok reach the room where Krishna was locked, but Varun has already left from there. Yashoda reaches there and finds Krishna’s shirt button. She says my son was here. Manoj says he shall not be far. Kamini tells the guy that God is with her, and Varun will send Krishna far. The guy goes to the terrace insearch of network and finds Varun’s location. He informs Alok. Alok and Ashok see Varun’s jeep and the latter throws his phone away. The guy says Varun threw his phone as his location is stagnant. He informs Alok. Yashoda and Manoj are in the car again. She says she will call that guy who sent me the address. She calls Alok who asks her to come straight and then he will send location to her. Yashoda asks who are you? Alok asks her to worry for her son. Manoj says he is Ashok only, who is worried for Krishna. Yashoda says she will take Ashok with Krishna to their house.

Amma finds Kamini missing and says if she is involved then I will throw her out. Babu ji says Kamini must have thought about house betterment. Mahua says jiji will do the betterment of the house. Arvind says we can’t trouble Bhabhi. Mahua says even you tried to throw Krishna out. Arvind says I agreed for family’s respect, but when I realized that I am sheltering the goon, I stopped there itself. Babu ji says yashoda went behind him. Amma says she went to search your grand son. She says let them come, if it is mistake of Kamini then not even you can save her. Babu ji says you are crossing your limits. Nupur asks them to pray that Krishna returns, else Mummy will cry. Aastha asks her to go and do her homework.

Ashok reaches the dead end, and asks the guy. The guy tells one place takes to city and the other to the jungle. Ashok asks Alok to inform yashoda to reach to the other side. They see Varun and his goon there with Krishna. Varun calls the child trafficker to come soon. Ashok starts beating Varun while Alok tries to make Krishna gain consciousness. Varun also beats Ashok. Krishna opens his eyes, and is semi conscious. Varun tries to suffocate Ashok. Ashok coughs.

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