Pakistan defeat Japan to secure semi-final berth at Junior Hockey Asia Cup 2023

Pakistan on Monday booked a spot for the semi-final of the ongoing Junior Hockey Asia Cup 2023 after defeating Japan. Pakistan defeated Japan 3-2 to secure a place in the semi-final of the tournament currently going on in Oman. For Pakistan, Abdul Wahab scored two goals and Arbaaz Ahmed scored one goal in the match … Read more

Bally Sports App Samsung Tv

bally sports app samsung tv

bally sports app samsung tv Many streaming applications are accessible on the internet. Toutefois, recherchez-vous un meilleur moyen de diffuser vos matchs sportifs préférés dans la région? Installez l’application Bally Sports sur votre téléviseur intelligent Samsung si c’est le cas. Bally Sports is fortunate enough only available for Samsung TV 2016 or later models. Pour … Read more

History of Sport and why it is Important for Health

History of Sport The history of sport dates back to ancient times, with evidence of sporting events taking place in civilizations such as ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. These early sports included wrestling, running, javelin throwing, and chariot racing, among others. In ancient Greece, the Olympic Games were established in 776 BCE, and these games … Read more

Canada Women’s Team to go on Strike Over Funding Cuts

Canada Women’s Team to go on Strike Canada captain Christine Sinclair said the women’s national team would go on strike over concerns about pay equity and a lack of funding that she said would jeopardize their performance. The players released a joint statement on Friday condemning “Canada Soccer’s continued failure to support its national teams”. … Read more