Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 bhagya lakshmi today full episode Vikrant feels proud of Lakshmi. Malishka tells that Vikrant and Lakshmi are perfect for each other. She asks them to come for jewelry shopping. Lakshmi stumbles. Rishi holds her and asks her if is she okay. She says yes. The old lady asks her name. Rishi tells Lakshmi’s name. The old lady thanks her. She blesses Rishi and Lakshmi’s Jodi. Malishka tells that Jodi is of Rishi and her. Vikrant tells that it’s okay. The old lady tells that Lakshmi will get the life partner who is written in her fate. Rishi, Lakshmi, Vikrant, and Malishka go for jewelry shopping. Rishi prays for Lakshmi. Malishka tells that she wants to go somewhere else.

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 bhagya lakshmi today full episode

Rishi doesn’t listen to her. She fears Neelam’s anger when she learns that Lakshmi is with Rishi again. Dadi is angered that Neelam and Karishma always blame Lakshmi for everything. Virender finds her venting her anger and asks her the reason. She tells that Neelam and Karishma blame Lakshmi for everything and call her wrong, and aren’t sparing her even when she got divorced from Rishi and is marrying Vikrant now. Rishi meets the jeweler and tells that he has to buy some jewelry for Malishka, and also for Vikrant and Lakshmi. Dadi tells that she can understand Malishka, who is foolish and immature, but she expects Neelam to be understanding.

She can’t tolerate Neelam blaming Lakshmi all the time. He tells that he is also with her and he will not tolerate Lakshmi’s insult. Vikrant is surprised to see Anjana and Saloni in the store. Anjana and Saloni get glad to meet Lakshmi. Vikrant tells that he didn’t know they are also coming. Anjana tells that she got Saloni along to buy a good nuptial chain for Lakshmi. Bani tells that Rishi should realize his love for Lakshmi. She thinks about how did Rishi realize it suddenly. She wonders if Rishi is going after Lakshmi for some reason.

Ayush likes to see Rishi and Lakshmi’s pairing. Vikrant gets a call and turns upset. He ignores the call. He shows a ring and asks Lakshmi if he can make her wear it. Lakshmi gives her hand to him. Rishi shouts stop. Vikrant drops the ring hearing Rishi shouting. Malishka, Ayush, and Lakshmi look at Rishi. Neelam and Karishma wonder if Rishi and Lakshmi are together, or away. Karishma tells that there isn’t a chance of their meeting. Neelam tells that Rishi always reaches Lakshmi. Karishma tells that it’s a miracle that Rishi always knows about Lakshmi. Rishi thinks he has messed up things with such a reaction.

He wants to control his feelings, when he has come just to protect Lakshmi. Vikrant and Malishka ask Rishi why did he shout. Rishi tells that it’s about feelings, Vikrant shouldn’t make Lakshmi wear the ring now else there will be no charm, feelings, or joy in the engagement. He tells that Lakshmi is sensitive and these things matter a lot to her. Vikrant understands his point. He tells that such feelings of joy matter to him also, and Lakshmi and he have many similarities like a perfect couple. He thanks Rishi. Malishka asks Rishi if is he sure this is the reason or something else. Rishi tells that there is no other reason. Vikrant asks Lakshmi to try the ring. He wishes Lakshmi likes his choice and him also.

Lakshmi wears the ring and looks at Rishi. Vikrant asks her did she like it. Rishi interrupts in between them. Malishka tells that Lakshmi liked the ring. Vikrant buys the ring. He gets a call from the same person again. Rishi observes him and asks him to take the call. Vikrant goes aside to take the call. Malishka gets to meet her friend there and is glad. She tells that she is going to marry Rishi. Vikrant speaks to the person and tells that he is equally worried, but he has to stick to the deal.

Vikrant meets Shalu and asks her to call him Jija Ji. She asks for Lakshmi. He asks her to come. Ayush sees Shalu and rushes to her. He asks what is she doing here. She tells that Rishi has called her and asked her to find out where did Vikrant and Lakshmi go. He can’t believe it. She asks him to try and unite Rishi and Lakshmi. He asks her to leave everything to fate. Rishi and Lakshmi look at each other when the salesgirl asks them if they would like to see the mangalsutra

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